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IRIS USA currently has the most popular playpen for dogs on Amazon. For this price, it's cost to value ratio is almost unbeatable. Playpen has either four or eight sides including a small door for your dog on one of the panels, which is extremely convenient. One downside of this pet play pen is that it's made out of plastic rather than metal.

Plastic dog playpens are great a great choice for puppies and smaller dogs.

​Mesh dog playpens are the lightest and easiest to transport of all dog playpen choices. This type of playpen would be good option for young puppies or small dogs. These type of pens are not very sturdy so they would not be a good choice for boisterous dogs or dogs that chew.

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Pet Playpen For Small Dogs Portable Kennel Cage Folding Puppy Indoor Outdoor Nonetheless, it's a commercial-grade plastic and if used with small to medium sized dogs, there will be no issues with them knocking it over or breaking down the playpen. The item is currently very well rated on Amazon, too, with positive reviews recently having climbed over 2,500.

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Playpens for dogs from North States Industries are often advertised as working well with both pets and kids, so if you're not on the lookout for a dog-specific playpen (with additional small doors and extra pet safety), this can be a great and affordable option.

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This Iris indoor dog playpen is a perfect choice for puppies or smaller dogs (15lb or less). It is NOT however, recommended for dogs any larger than that.All other dog playpens have horizontal bar connections which make them easy to climb up and out of. With these vertical-only openings, the 36” Richell playpen is just about as effective as other 48” playpens for small to medium dogs.The door can be a bit skinny for some dogs, but other than that this is a highly recommended playpen for dogs of medium-size or even a few smaller dogs.The IRIS Plastic Pet Playpen is almost an ideal indoor/outdoor playpen for puppies and smaller dogs. It’s a bit light and small for animals with some real size to them, but the plastic won’t scratch your floors but will still hold up to the weather quite well. It’s also available in quite a few colors.That’s not to say it’s not a worthy addition to your home, however, it offers a considerable area to run and play in for a dog that won’t be able to batter it down. It’s perfectly suitable for puppies and small dogs, and since it comes in a variety of heights you can pick one suitable for even a bouncy little terrier.Richell's playpen for dogs is designed with outdoors and indoors in mind, with a completely water-resistant construction. You can get these with 4 or 6 panels, which are 29 inches in width and 35 inches in height. Similarly to other playpens, this one can also be either combined or broken down to make larger or smaller playpens for dogs.