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Fortunately, all we lost that day was the one toy. Not all owners are as lucky. Many dogs do drown, especially when the summer sun finds dogs of all shapes and sizes in contact with backyard pools, beaches, lakes, stock ponds, and neighborhood swimming holes. Water fun can be a great way for pets and people to play together and cool off, but just as specific safety precautions must be followed when children are near water, similar precautions exist for pets.

We also have kiddie pools for those dogs that just want to get their paws and bellies wet. A life guard is always present.

For home owners the best option is to buy a swimming pool for dogs. These canine friendly pools look just like ordinary kiddie wading pools but they are built especially with dogs in mind. The Guardian Gear Splash About Dog Pool is available in 3 sizes and is made from extra durable PVC materials it will last for a long time. The drain is conveniently located at the bottom so it is easy to empty when not in use. The pool also folds very easily for quick storage during winter months. The large sized pool is big enough for huge dog breeds like mastiffs.

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The list of best 5 swimming pools for dogs? Say what, now? They make swimming pools for dogs nowadays?
American Farmland makes tough polyethylene stock tanks that make a great dog pool for big dogs that like to play rough in the pool. American Farmland dog pools hold 625 gallons and include a bottom drain for easy cleaning.

Pools for dogs are a “must have” if you are a dog owner

These canine swimming pools are similar to standard kiddie wading swimming pools, but they are built for dogs. The Guardian Equipment is available in 3 dimensions and is made from added durable PVC materials. It will certainly last for years.

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Our 10ft x 18ft pool is equipped with heat capability for year-round swimming, a salt water system to minimize the skin irritation and damage to fur that comes from chlorinated pools, and benches for walking, jumping, or for beginner dogs that are not yet accustomed to swimming in a pool, and an underwater camera system for videos you can share with friends, family, or your veterinarian, you won't find a better indoor dog pool (or any dog pool for that matter) anywhere on Long Island!! Pools for dogs are a “must have” if you are a dog owner. Imagine your animal around his pet swimming pool on a summer day. It’ll be away from warm temperature and feel better if there is a swimming pool for dogs near the house. We all desire the very best for our pets. It is not just our obligation to feed and offer pleasant home and a good life to our dogs. This is why it is necessary not only to give the basics, however, enjoyable as well as games also. Pet have to be walked, or they can play in the backyard.CRCG offers recreational swimming for healthy dogs at our Broomfield and Englewood locations. Our heated, indoor pools are open to the public seven days a week! We offer open swim times where other dogs and their owners may be sharing the pool with you, or we offer days and times that you can reserve the pool for your dog's private use.8 - Incontinent dogs are not permitted in CRCG's pools for health reasons.
9 - NO RUNNING BY HUMANS on deck or around pools.
10 - Please feed your dog several hours before swimming or after swimming. It is very important that you either walk your dog and/or take him/her out to our back area prior to entering the pool.
11 - You must take your dog out to the "restroom" before entering the pool, and every 10 - 15 minutes while swimming. Repeated droppings in the pool may result in a pool ban for your dog.
12 - If your dog is cranky or has a lot of doggy personality, please ask for assistance from a CRCG representative.
13 - Do not enter the gated pool area without permission from clinic staff.
14 - You must sign-in before swimming your dog.