Photographic Mom-ory: DIY Dog Potty for Indoors or Porch

Featured Dog of the Week: Meet Dexter! Dexter found us on Facebook during Pet Appreciation Week when his owner, Jill, wanted to include him in our amazing Pet Appreciation Video. As you can see, Dexter, is sporting his “I’m on Facebook” shirt and some very cool shoes! It took a lot for Dexter to take a photo on his Porch Potty with his shoes on. His routine is shoes off BEFORE getting to his potty! Thank you, Dexter and Jill!

DIY Porch Potty for dogs and puppies, makes clean up easy and allows you to have a dog in the city.

DoggieLawn is a perfect solution if you have a dog, but even more so if you live in or travel to a confined space and need a convenient indoor dog potty. Give your dog his/her own personal dog grass pad no matter where you live! Use our real grass dog pads indoors, outdoors, on balconies, porches, boats, or virtually anywhere else. Simply grab the tray of grass and place it wherever you please. You and your dog will love our hydroponic*, soil-less*, mess-free, dog grass pad.

DIY Dog Potty / Porch Potty / Dog Litter Box

DIY Porch Potty for dogs and puppies, makes clean up easy and allows you to have a dog in the city. Most Helpful review (): “I live in a north east hot/cold climate and love the porch potty. It's installed on my apartment terrace with the hose in the rain drain. Looks great and drains fine and the hose is small enough that rain still drains fine. We keep Poochiebells by the door and trained the dog to ring to go out. We started with a sod subsciption but it was pee burned and dried out within…”

DIY porch potty for dogs when living in an apartment.

A dog litter box can be used to potty train your puppy by placing a dog potty like the Porch Potty on you patio. Give your dog his own potty patch of grass, and he'll love you for it.

DIY porch potty for dogs when living in an apartment.

I have been wanting the actual porch potty but could see spending 380$ on something my dog pisses on. My dog cant hold her urine and my porch potty is actually in my bathroom. I originally ...You’ve heard our story, now let’s hear your’s! Share your experience with us using our porch potty for dogs, #BarkPotty on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and maybe we’ll even share it right on back with the world. On our blog you’ll also find helpful tips and articles, and fun stories. Bark with you soon!My dog's new patio/porch potty. We bought two 24x48 dog crate pans from Petsmart, and lined them with kitty litter. We went to Lowe's across the street and bought two strips of grass for $8. Crafty, eh?Phoebe: Phoebe’s photo was sent to us via Twitter this week and is she not just the cutest! Who can resist those big beautiful eyes? Phoebe is a hyper and happy French Bulldog. “Phoebe started using the porch potty as a pup. She doesn’t like snow at all and would refuse to go out in the snow. so I definitely had to find something she could use for a potty during the winter. We tried pee pads but she would chew them instead of using them. Then, I found your site and decided to give it a shot…