Maze Pets Portable and Inflatable Dog Bathing Station

Thanks to this portable dog bath and grooming station, your pet will be clean as a whistle, at all times. The station includes a shampoo bottle holder, adjustable legs, removable door for easy entry, and high density polyethylene construction. Lightweight, resistant to rust and tarnish.

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We have collected some of our best reviewed portable dog wash stations that we highly recommend and can assure you that these will last you a long time and provide stress relief and joy when bathing your dogs. Read on to learn more:

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NEW Booster Bath Large Portable Dog Bathing Station/Tub Outdoor Non Slip Mat Let’s face it. Animals love to be in the great outdoors. And your pet does too. But we all know the struggle of trying to get your pet in the bath when we bring him/her back inside. Well.. instead of bringing it to the tub, why don’t we bring the tub to the it? That’s exactly what Furr Dogz Pet Washing Station does.

The Furr Dogz Pet Washing Station is the world’s first ever portable pet washing station. The canister comes in a bone shape to appeal to those very special dogs to come get a nice rinse.

It’s very simple to use, you first, fill the bone shaped canister with water. Whether it be from a water source on one of your camping trips, or just before you head on out.

Another type of portable dog bath is an elevated bath station.

Some of the dog bathing stations are so small that they can be fitted inside your kitchen sink. Some are big enough to be kept outdoors. Some are portable so that you can carry them to places of your convenience while bathing your dogs. Based on these variations, we are now going to see some basic types of dog bathing stations.

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Another type of portable dog bath is an elevated bath station. The elevated bath station can accommodate large steps for your pet to easily get up and down, the pet bath is taller so you can stand to bathe your pet, and has a drain hose so you can easily direct dirty water away from the area you are working in. These assemble quickly with just a few pieces but are less collapsible and will take up more space when travelling.