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If you’re looking for a lightweight, portable crate, this collapsible model might do the trick. With a full range of features, including double doors and slide-bolt latches, this large metal dog crate is appropriate for both in-home use and travel. You’ll love the epoxy coating – it’s odor-, fade-, rust-, and corrosion-resistant, even in the most extreme climates – and the all-steel, high tensile-strength wire (gauges 5 to 9) that lends this kennel durability.

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Keep the fur from flying with this Ruff Max Portable Dog Kennel. Dogs can escape while in transit. Puppies "go" in the wrong places. This Crate ensures your best friend stays safe while away from home... and also makes a comfortable, secure haven for him until he learns the difference between the great outdoors and your floors inside.

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Portable Dog Kennels,Pet Carriers,Small Dogs,Dog Cat,Puppys,Shoulder Bag,Pets,Outdoor,Travel As you peruse the Internet’s selection of large dog crates, it can be overwhelming: do you need a plastic kennel or a metal crate? Should you buy a kennel that doubles as a side table? What features are the most useful? Which premium features are worth the splurge? And, most importantly, all things considered, which are the best large dog crates?

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First things first: When it comes to large dog crates, size matters. Big pups have big needs, so it’s important you measure your dog’s exact dimensions and then choose a kennel accordingly. Too small, and your dog will be uncomfortable; too large, and it’ll be hard to house-train her.

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Find the kennel that is affordable and fitting for your dog at Arrow Fence Company. Our dog kennels are constructed using a strong steel frame and have secure rounded corners. Our kennels are portable, making them easy to reposition or relocate. They are available in any size you need, as they are custom-built to your specifications. for more information on our portable dog kennels.Keep your dogs safe in a Portable Dog Kennel. The 8×12 Portable Dog Kennels are a safe haven for your dogs and a long-lasting solution for keeping your dogs happy. Visit our manufacturing facility and we might have discounted DOG KENNELS, or .Take everything with you on your next hunting excursion with the High Country Plastics PDK-10 Portable Dog Kennel. Featuring a moisture resistant seal on the top compartment and an integrated water tank base, this kennel offers convenience and safety all in one package. Made in the USA. Is your pooch one of those fancy, indoor types? Do you live in an apartment? If you answered yes to either of these questions, chances are you do not own a kennel for your dog. And what if you do have a backyard with a ? It’s often impractical to take that monstrosity of a wired enclosure everywhere you go. While strapping your dog into the backseat might seem intriguing, it’s not the best idea -- especially if you are going to be driving at highway speeds. Instead, a portable travel kennel might be the perfect alternative for an afternoon trip or a vacation with the pooch. Designed to be easily transported, porta-kennels run the gamut, from plush to playful, to bare bones practicality. They also vary in styles, including the collapsible and pop-up versions, and the classic hard-bodied kennel. Cleaning a porta-kennel is a breeze and their prices are reasonable enough that you can always buy another one if it gets soiled too badly. If your dog is still in the growing stage, you might want to invest in a low cost portable kennel. This way it won't hurt your pocketbook as you replace it as your dog grows to its full size. Don't worry, your dog can continue on living its posh life -- sleeping in a four poster pink canopy bed adorned in diamantés that spell out "princess" -- but when you are on the go, a porta-kennel is a great thing to have on hand. Remember, a dog in a closed kennel is always more welcome than a dog on the loose.