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Barring medical problems, even old dogs can learn new tricks and better manners. Potty training takes consistency and commitment. These are just beginner tips, but a good trainer can help if you aren’t making progress.

Great tips! We have always adopted older dogs so haven’t had to worry much about potty training, but this great information.

If you are new pet owner, potty training your dog should be at the top of your To Do list. Especially if you don’t want your entire house smelling like a porta potty. Cleaning up your dog’s #1 and #2 business is a fact of life. But what if your adorable pup is also stubborn and refuses to take it outside? Well, we have a few tips from our friends at ehow just for you! With love and patience your dog will soon be doing his business outdoors instead of on your newly polished wood floors or soiling your carpet.

Or you may want to crate train your puppy

If that sounds like you, then you’re going to  these 3 FREE  tips that you can use to fix your dog’s potty training problems once and for all. Some owners decide to start their puppies out by using potty pads but then later decide they want to switch them to go to the bathroom outside instead. This can take a little time but can be successfully done. The process is pretty simple. We recommend that you start by moving the potty pad from its original location a small distance each day to the eventual location that you wish your puppy to use to relieve themselves. Once you get to the door that leads outside, you can move the pad just to the outside of the door. Then slowly move the pad to the grass. Once on the grass, most dogs will start to associate the outdoors with relieving themselves. If your puppy is struggling with understanding this, you can slowly start to decrease the size of the pad until it is completely gone. Good luck and happy house training!For more tips on housebreaking your puppy, make sure to watch our video below!

Find tips for cleaning up after your pet here.

If you plan on getting a new puppy, then potty training is probably the first thing on your mind. It’s the one part of puppy ownership that none of us enjoy. Failure at it is one of the reasons dogs are surrendered to the shelters. The following ten puppy potty training tips will help make sure your puppy’s potty training is successful. These are the tips I used with my sheltie when I brought him home at eight weeks – he had two accidents (both my fault) and was fully house trained in just two weeks.

Dec 31, 2012 - Tip #7: Don't Rely on Puppy Pads and Newspaper

Potty training dogs is easiest when they are young puppies, and this rather long page outlines a basic method. There is a list of tips also.