They have pre-made raw food right there for both cats and dogs

I do the best I can by adding variety – by feeding a homemade raw diet using affordable grocery store meat and feeding a pre-made raw dog food brand every now and then too. I feed fruits and veggies. Others don’t. I mix in dry dog food sometimes. Others don’t.

Do you feed your dog raw food? Do you make it yourself, or do you buy pre-made raw dog food?

Feeding a raw diet is an ancestral diet for dogs. Let me know if you have any questions on the 3 types in this post: Prey Model, BARF, or premade raw dog food :)

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Becky, Are you looking for brand recommendations for premade raw dog food? Now that we’re feeding 17 animals though, it’s just too costly to be buying meats from the grocery store. For a while we were buying pre-made raw pet food, Mountain Dog Food. Once we moved to the prairies we were unable to find meat at a low price in the stores. Buying it already pre-made through a raw food seller was the cheapest way to go, but it was costing us about 250.00-350.00 per month for just the 6 dogs, and 2 cats. Once we knew we would be adding lots of barn cats, we needed to think this through. If you’re not interested in making your own food though, or can not buy meat cheap, look into pre-made! It’s the next best thing and you’d be surprised by how many companies actually make raw food now.

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The easiest way to make sure your dog’s raw diet is balanced is to buy pre-made raw food from a raw company like . I recommend you do this for at least a couple of your dog’s meals per week.

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Because of the growing 'fad' of feeding pre-made,ground raw diets, this is one myth that must be addressed. There are agood number of BARF feeders and raw feeders who feed their dogs groundmeat and bone or pre-made, commercial raw diets. While this will alwaysbe better than commercial kibbled foods, there are still several goodreasons why ground and pre-made raw should be avoided if you and yourpets are able to do so (remember, even dogs with only a few teeth arestill able to dispose of raw meaty bones!).

Many pet owners are turning to a raw meat and vegetable diet as a healthy, natural alternative to the more processed cooked foods that have become the standard canine and feline diets. We believe that animals thrive on a diet that mimics what Mother Nature would provide them in the wild. Although dogs and cats have been domesticated for thousands of years, it is only in the last sixty to seventy years that commercially processed dry and canned foods have become the standard.

Even the highest-quality dry and canned foods are nutritionally lacking, compared to a diet composed of raw meat and bones, fresh whole fruits, and vegetables. Meals more closely approximating the diet of a wolf or wild cat help ensure that our pets are getting a species-appropriate diet that will support a long life in good health.

Pre-made raw diets are complete and balanced with a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients that meet the AAFCO minimum nutrient levels. They come in a wide variety of brands with many unique protein sources. We carry Nature’s Variety, K9 Natural, Primal, Stella & Chewy’s, Rad Cat, and Tucker’s

No one diet is appropriate for every individual animal. Pets with depressed or compromised immune systems are often not good candidates for raw diets, as their bodies are not equipped to deal with the bacteria found in raw meats like healthy animals are. The most important thing, however, is feeling comfortable and confident in whatever you choose to feed your pet, raw or not. As with any pet food, make sure that the ingredients used are high quality and human grade, and aim for balanced nutrition and variety.