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Five years ago, raw meat diets for pets were still very niche — the trappings of eccentric hippies, obsessive foodies, or the very well-to-do. But today, nearly every pet store and natural grocery in the East Bay sells some variety of frozen or dehydrated raw food. Prepared raw food is a blend of bone, organ, and muscle meat and a small amount of plant matter — intending to mimic the diet your dog or cat would eat in the wild. While the FDA and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) argue that raw animal protein diets for pets may be nutritionally imbalanced and potentially pathogenic, raw-diet enthusiasts rave about the benefits to their pets' skin, coats, immune systems, and even personalities. Though raw pet food is on the rise, its greatest detractors are its high cost and added preparation times.

Commercially prepared raw dog food comes in second place for a few reasons.

Properly prepared with quality ingredients, raw food will have tremendous benefits for your dog's health, well-being and stamina. Better nutrition means a happier and healthier dog.

So you don't have time to make your own raw diet for your pet

Dogs and cats thrive on properly prepared raw meat-based diets. Processed foods can never match the nutrition available in such a meal. Some dog owners who prepare meals for their pet favor the raw food diet; others prefer to cook their dog’s meals. Either way, holistic vets offer a few suggestions:

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Ok, I’m of no help to you then. I use a couple of different brands of the prepared raw foods as toppers, but no home prepared. Best wishes to you and your puppy. I have big dogs. Some day I think I’d like a yorkie. I’m sure he is adorable!

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Raw diets (especially home-made diets) allow you to meet your dog’s specific needs. Raw diets can be prepared to avoid foods that your dog is allergic to and can be made to meet your dog’s specific nutrient requirements. The high water content present in raw food may allow you to feed more while still keeping the calories low for portly pooches.Feeding home-prepared raw food is expensive and time consuming. The preparation of balanced meals for your dog every day can be a challenge to fit into a busy lifestyle. Commercially prepared raw diets from reputable manufacturers ( about these!) are a great way to feed your dog a raw diet in a way that is safe and convenient. Primal Pet Foods is a San Francisco, CA, based manufacturer of fully prepared, human-grade raw foods and treats for dogs and cats. Primal Pet Foods was founded with the goal of improving the quality of life and overall health and happiness of pets through wholesome raw foods that mimic the diet of animals in the wild.About a year ago my partner and I took the leap and adopted a dog, Olive. This was our first foray into dog parenting. I had big dreams for life with our new pup — I would play fetch with her in the yard, take her to the farmer's market, and make all her food myself. Most of my dreams dissolved after the realities of house training and leash reactivity and Olive-doesn't-like-fetch set in. But one goal that stuck is that Olive eats raw, home-prepared food.