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Thanks Ashley! You definitely should—it was super easy. I don’t know why, but it’s really hard to find pretty dog bowls that aren’t either super plain or really cheesy, you know?

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Of course, bowls also come in a million different “specialty” models – to feed automatically, repel ants, resist spilling, fold up for travel, and so on. But in essence, dog bowls function in pretty much the same manner: they hold food or water. You can spend a few dollars on a practical stainless steel model, or a few hundred for a kidney-shaped granite job with legs. What’s most important, however, is not what they look like or how much they cost, but whether they contain that food and water without contaminating it with any chemicals of their own!

Pretty Princess Crown Personalized Dog Bowls ..

Bejeweled Dog Bowls | Pawsh Magazine. So pretty. Too bad when Toci is out of water she brings the bowl to me and drops it. If you can afford one, number 1 on this list is pretty popular because it looks good and has storage underneath the bowls. You can find a bunch more on the Spartadog store dedicated to .

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2. ($18): We love anything with , and these dog bowls are no exception. Just be prepared to rewrite your dog’s name frequently if he’s a sloppy drinker.

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As far as the food bowl goes, this risk is not great if you feed your dog nothing but dry kibble every day, but it is magnified greatly if you feed your dog raw meats and table scraps. In that case, you MUST wash his bowls daily to prevent harmful bacteria from gaining a foothold in your kitchen. It is wise to rotate water bowls, so one can air-dry while another is in use. Bacteria doesn’t grow in the absence of moisture.Dog Water Bowl by Hot Spot® Premium Silicone Travel and Collapsible Pet Dog Bowls (4 Pack) for Dog and Cat Use Portable Food and Water Bowl - BPA Free - Carabiners Included * You can get more details by clicking on the image.