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how to prevent pet urine from killing grass

There are lots of old "theories" circulating about just what in the urine causes the exterminating of your valued Bermuda yard. The most typical of these misguided viewpoints is that the urine is acidic and 'burns' the turf. As a result, a host of home remedies have arisen including adding sodium bicarbonate, tomato juice, or vitamin C to the diet plan. While these products hardly ever work once in a while, they do help but they work due to the fact that they make the pet dog thirstier and they then drink more water and dilute the urine. The genuine culprit in urine burns is nitrogen.


Since dogs are carnivores and consume a high level of protein in their diet, they break the protein down and excrete it as nitrogen in the urine. The outcome is a killing of the grass from an overload of nitrogen. You will get the same sort of burn if you put a focused handful of fertilizer in one area. These urine burns will frequently have a particular green ring around the outside edge where the urine was water down enough to in fact work as a fertilizer. This particular ring can likewise help distinguish urine burns from a grub infestation that will also create likewise looking brown spots.

how to prevent pet urine from killing grass

can finally become large enough to prevent dog urine from killing your grass.

The most effective short-term solution to prevent the dog urine from killing the yard is to immediately water the spot where the dog peed. I usually run the hose for about 10 seconds over the spot. The water dilutes the urine and keeps the grass from turning brown. I call this a short-term solution because, at least in our house, it’s not very realistic to assume that we will watch where the dog goes to the bathroom and then go outside and water every time she does. Plus, it’s a waste of water. However, if you have new grass or just have a dog visiting, this may be the best solution.

looking brown spot – often surrounded by a halo of dark green grass

juice on the dog's food twice a day to prevent their urine from killing the grass. PetiGreen improves the environment of the soil so a larger population of microbes than the soil can normally support can survive. When the population of microbes reaches a large enough size they can process the excess nitrogen from the dog urine more rapidly than the nitrogen can kill the lawn. It takes time to reach a population that will prevent dog urine spots in grass but as you are using PetiGreen and the population is growing it can become big enough in just a few weeks that it can process enough nitrogen from the grass that new seed will usually germinate and start fill in the burn spots. Eventually the soil environment improves and the microbial population increases enough that the nitrogen can be processed before it has a chance to damage the grass.

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Giving your dog food that advertises reduction of alkaline levels in the urine won’t prevent your lawn from suffering “urine blight.” Remember, it’s not the acidity of canine urine but the high concentration of nitrogen that kills grass. In fact, feeding your dog this kind of food may cause kidney and bone problems because it interferes with amino acid production.

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