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But are we leaving our canine friends out in the cold? Since many of our dogs look so well protected in their natural fur coats, most people never consider that they too could benefit from protective dog clothing. There are times when the cold weather or sharp thorns penetrate even the thickest of coats.

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At VetGood®, we want your dog or cat to heal quickly and properly after being injured, and to be as comfortable and safe as possible when doing so. That’s because we know what it’s like to have a companion animal in pain. In fact, that’s why we created our line of VetGood protective veterinary pet clothing and wound management products.

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You'll want to use protective dog clothing to keep your active dog safe. Make sure your dog clothes are proper and suitable for your dog. You should put more emphasis on protective side than the fashion aspect. With a wide many range of dog clothes available these days, chances are that you could find both, with a little bit of extra effort and thought.

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When shopping for dog clothes, also Big dogs with lots of fur need different dog clothes and dog coats for protection than little dogs or hairless dogs.

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Having an injured dog or cat is hard enough, without having to try to put them in protective clothing that doesn’t fit them. That’s what makes the VetGood Protective Medical Pet Suit the perfect solution for dogs and cats with veterinary wounds or incisions that need to heal.Protective dog clothing like dog coats, vests, and dog booties are important for more than one reason. The main function of dog clothing, like our own clothing, is to keep your dog dry and warm when the weather turns stormy and cold.You’ll want to use protective dog clothing to keep your active dog safe and warm when adventuring in the great outdoors. The right dog clothing will go a long way in protecting your dog from cuts, scratches and severe weather conditions.The coat that you choose must be designed to keep your dog warm while providing protection from wind and rain. When it’s windy and cold outside, fleece dog clothing will definitely help keep your pooch toasty warm.