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The In the Pumpkin Patch Dog Collar!
What could say Fall and Halloween better than a trip to the pumpkin patch?
This cute and playful collar sets multi-sized pumpkins and little itty-bitty flowers atop a midnight blue backing.
This collar is lined with super smooth snuggle satin for increased wearability and comfort.

Excellence on the inside and out!

All RooRoo Couture collars are feature heavy Polypropylene or a heavy Nylon webbing interior to give strength to our satin lining and high quality cotton designs.

All Buckle and Martingale Collars feature heavy, welded, nickel-plated D Rings. Buckle Collars feature industry leading YKK heavy duty side release buckles in black plastic.
Martingale Collars feature cast nickel plated hardware for excellent strength and durability.

Martingale sizes available
- 1 Inch
- 1.5 Inch
- 2 Inch
Buckle sizes available
- 1 Inch
- 1.5 Inch

What is a Martingale Collar?
Martingale Collars are considered the standard for Sighthounds who require the two loop design largely due to their unique neck-to-head sizing. Martingale Collars are made from a large adjustable size loop that fits around the dogs neck, and a small “control loop” which has the D-Ring attached for clipping to a leash. Martingale Collars are also used in the training of all breeds of dogs as the control loop will tighten when pulled by the dog, or by the handler during correction.
For safety reasons, it is recommended that Martingale Collars not be left on while unsupervised.

What is a Buckle Collar?
Buckle Collars are a simple, slide adjustable collar featuring a plastic buckle and a D-Ring to clip a leash onto. Because there is no control loop, Buckle collars are not as common for leash training.
Buckle collars are more common for non-sighthound breeds, and are suitable for everyday wear.

What is an ID Collar?
Our ID Collars are simple, slide adjustable collars with no D-Ring as we stitch your contact phone number right into the collar so you never have to deal with jingling tags!
Our ID Collars are 5/8” in width and are made fully wrapped in our super smooth silk. They are available in: Deep Purple, Turquoise, Indigo Blue, and Black You choose your text colour (we recommend you select a bright contrasting colour for visibility).

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The Rockin' Doggie Pewter Collar Charms are adorable charms that hook onto your pet's collar and can be used anytime, or just during special occasions. These cute collar charms will enhance your pet's neckline and also spread cheer with the lovable sayings on the backside, including "Trick or Treat" (Pumpkin) and "Let's Party" (Cupcake). In addition, the Rockin' Doggie Pewter Collar Charms are made in the USA with 100% lead-free pewter.

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Pumpkin Halloween Dog Collar!! Perfect for adding the Halloween festivities to your fur kids! Why not treat your dog to a nutritious snack while saving yourself some post-Halloween clean-up? While Jack O’Lanterns start out as a healthy pumpkin, the moment they are cut into and set outside, they start collecting bacteria that can be harmful to your pup. So while your dog might be eager to help with clean-up, it’s best to save your Jack O’Lanterns for the yard waste bin.

Halloween Pumpkin Dog Collar Attachment | BaxterBoo

Contoured side release buckle dog Collar with orange pumpkins on black nylon webbing. This collar is best used for medium, large and X-Large dogs. Lola and Foxy ribbon and nylon dog collars are hand made in the USA.

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