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Just to follow-up, I made the treats with mashed baked sweet potatoes instead of the pumpkin and they came out great! The dogs loved them. The dough was perfect to use with a dog bone shaped cookie cutter.

Supplement your dog's healthy diet with this dog cookie recipe for pumpkin cookies, and add even more healthy nutrition to her diet.

With all of the pumpkin recipes that I have been making lately, I didn’t want the dogs to miss out on the pumpkin extravaganza! As soon as I laid my eyes on this recipe I knew that my dogs would love it…it contained peanut butter! I am very strict about what I feed my dogs. They eat as their main food, however, if given the chance they would eat treats all day long. I make sure that all the treats I give them are made here in the United States (after the whole ) and contain no sugar. They have never been fed “human food” so even if something falls on the floor while I am cooking they leave it alone. They’re so good!

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The blueberries add a little sweetness to this homemade dog cookie, while the pumpkin adds some welcome digestive benefits. My dog is 17yrs and 2 months old. She is almost totally deaf, cataracts in her rigt eye and starting on her left. Apart from that she is fine. Loves her food. Alice is a Maltese/Silky cross. I am very keen to try the Pumpkin Cookies for her plus several of the others. Will also make some chicken jerky for her. She just loves chicken. Thanks for a great site

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Great recipes here. I make dog cookies using pumpkin, peanut butter, eggs and cinnamon and my dog just loves them. I sometimes add some plain yogurt too. Super Hub - I'm a fan.

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Yield: The yield for these pumpkin dog treats with peanut butter will be different depending on what size cookie cutter you use. I was able to make 12 2" cookies, 15 1" cookies and using a 1" cookie dropper, I made another 20 rounded cookies with the remaining dough. I only baked the drop cookies for 10 minutes. They came out like a crispy muffin, like the recipe. I baked them soft because I like to break apart the cookie and serve a little at a time to my intended taste tester. You could easily bake them longer. But I would test how done they are after 10 minutes and then determine how much harder you'd like them.I decided that small round cookies were going to work the best for my small breed dog, but you could make these any size or shape you like. A pumpkin shape or bone would be fun. I used the back of a teaspoon to create cute little paw prints right on each cookie before putting them into the oven for a cute extra special touch.Made the pumpkin treats, and they were a big hit for the dogs! I used a bone cookie cutter, and they are perfect! Super easy recipe, and something I will definitely make in the future!My sister and brother-in-laws’ dogs, Casey and Sammie, In fact, it’s their very favorite dog treat flavor. Casey and Sammie certainly gobble up these pumpkin dog cookies when I make the treats for them.