Pureformance Rabbit and Chickpea Freeze Dried Grain Free Dog Food

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Chicken Pureformance | All Natural, Freeze-Dried, Grain-Free Dog Food | Grandma Lucy's

If you are already preparing food for your dog, Grandma Lucy's Pureformance, Grain-Free Pre-Mix is the perfect addition to your good food recipes. Whether your dog requires a more unique protein or just a variety of meats, the Pureformance Pre-Mix will save you the time of preparing the fruits and vegetables for their diets. Simply measure out your dog's desired amount of Pureformance Pre-Mix, mix with equal amounts of water, add in your dog's favorite protein and serve - it's that simple!

Pureformance Goat and Chickpea Freeze Dried Grain Free Dog Food

Grandma Lucy’s Pureformance Dog Food receives the Advisor’s top rating of 5 stars. Grandma Lucy’s is a really affordable choice. My dog ate it for a long time. But he’s picky so he stopped eating it. So I mixed it in with some other dog food and he ate it then. I buy the Pureformance. The rabbit is very glutinous so it sticks to dogs really bad. The other flavors are better. I definitely recommend it.

Grandma Lucy's Rabbit Grain Free Pureformance Dog Food - Hearty Pet

Comparing the two, you’ll notice subtle differences in texture. The Pureformance food has a density similar to an instant oatmeal when prepared, whereas Artisan is, unsurprisingly, like instant mashed potatoes. Both contain large meaty chunks in every scoop that , when rehydrated, have the familiar texture of cooked meat. These were Bachaesh’s favourite! In addition to the larger chunks of meat, there is also ground up meat throughout the mixture so that your dog doesn’t pick out only the chunks of meat and leave the rest of the food.

Grandma Lucy's PureFormance Dog Food Chicken & Chickpea Recipe

So the treats were AMAZING but that wasn’t all the wonderful options that Grandma Lucy’s had to offer! Grandma Lucy’s has three lines of dehydrated dog foods. These consist of Valor Freeze Dried Dog Food, Pureformance Freeze Dried Dog Food and Artisan Recipe Freeze Dried Dog Food. Just like their treats, these foods are made to be the very best and made the California way here in the USA!Grandma Lucy's Pureformance Dog Food is an innovative approach to freeze dried food. Powerful proteins meet chickpeas, fruits, and vegetables in this wholesome food designed to maintain consistent energy levels for your furry friends. Just add water to complete this meal!