So I just saw a commercial for Purina dog and puppy chow

Purina Puppy Chow Complete & Balanced Puppy Food Your puppy isn't just growing, he's also depleting energy stores and causing wear and tear on muscles and joints just by being playful. The fact is, from the moment he's born and throughout his lifetime, his body is building, replenishing, and repairing itself 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That is why Purina created the Purina Puppy Chow Build Replenish Repair Philosophy--to provide your puppy with the smart nutrition he needs to optimize this ongoing lifelong process, so he stays vigorously healthy now and as an adult. Build Digestive System Provides a well-balanced diet including amino acids and electrolytes to help a puppy's intestinal cells develop, so he can absorb the nutrients he needs. Bones & Joints Contains a complex spectrum of essential nutrients needed for a puppy's proper growth, including the development of healthy bones and joints. Healthy Immune System Formulated with high-quality protein and a special antioxidant blend to help build and support a healthy immune system. Replenish Vital Organs Including a Healthy Heart Contains all the nutrients needed to replenish and support vital organs, including a healthy heart. Repair Muscle Cells Provides the amino acids and minerals needed to support a puppy's natural ability to repair and maintain healthy muscle cells. Puppies grow and develop at a rapid rate, so they need up to twice the nutrition of adult dogs. That's why Purina Puppy Chow Complete and Balanced Puppy Food is specially formulated with the extra nutrition your puppy needs for proper growth and development. High-quality ingredients come together in a complete and balanced diet that helps build, replenish, and repair your puppy's body non-stop. 100% complete and balanced nutrition for your puppy's first year, up to two years for large breeds. High-quality protein promotes overall proper development. Great taste encourages a healthy appetite. Recommended by veterinarians.

We have a few dogs large and small young and old that will ONLY EAT purina puppy chow

Very angry. I adopted my puppy in July and fed him Purina puppy chow. Everything seemed to be fine. In about September after buying a larger bag of the food he started to cough and gag. I didn't think anything of it just thought a piece of food went down the wrong pipe. It is now November and he had now been throwing up and didn't want to eat. After him throwing up yesterday I was extremely mad and decided to go buy another dog food brand. He was fine last night and so far today; hasn't thrown up, going to the vet later today to see if it's his old food. NEVER FEEDING OR BUYING PURINA PRODUCTS AGAIN!

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Items 1 - 29 of 29 - Purina Puppy Chow Natural Plus Vitamins & Minerals Dog Food 15.5 lb I bought a big bag of puppy chow and it has dead flies and black bugs in it. This really makes me sick to my stomach. Knowing they sell dog food like that, I will not buy dog food from this company ever again. Where does Purina get theirs shipped from, China???

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We adopted my dog from a shelter when she was 8 months old. We have been feeding her Purina Puppy/Dog Chow for the past 6 years. Initially, she happily ate the dry kibble mix. We soon started adding additional food sources to her pet food for two reasons: to improve the quality of her diet and because she slowly began to lose interest in her dry food. We added eggs, homemade chicken broth, chicken/turkey/beef/pork, and veggies. As time passed, she became more and more reluctant to touch the Purina dog food, but she GLADLY ate everything else. As time passed, we've had to put more effort into hiding her kibble mix with other foods, otherwise she would avoid it. But eventually, even that was not enough. I can't even count how many times I had to dump out all of the food in her bowl and make her a new meal that completely excluded Purina. Then, and only then, would she eat. Within the past few months, she has also become more and more picky with commercial dog treats and certain fresh veggies/fruits. I didn't think anything of this behavior at the time.

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