May 6, 2012 - I also raise my rabbits for dog food

And thus presents the moral ambiguity that inspires some to boycott Whole Foods while others roll their eyes. Just as the rabbit processed and sold at the Whole Foods meat counter will not be the bunny from the … the Indian beef sold at meat counters in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is not the same cow revered by some religious groups in India. The same goes for dog meat found here and there in East Asia. (I don’t necessarily recommend it, as the meat can be tough and stringy.) Appetizing or not, these animals are produced to be eaten, not presented to kids as furry friends.

i remember coming across a thread a while back about a cheap way to raise rabbits for dog food

According to experts, when it comes to eating, rabbits are probably more similar to cows, horses and guinea pigs than cats, ferrets, rodents and dogs. Rabbits are designed to graze throughout the day, rather than ingest their daily ration in a single sitting. Dogs as well as other animals can eat only once or twice a day but going without food for a certain period may make a rabbit seriously ill.

Do any of you sell your rabbits for raw dog food

this has probably been covered before, but can we discuss rabbit as dog food? raw and cooked. Another meat market would be pet owners that feed their animals the BARF (Bones And Raw Food) diet. BARFers, as they are called, aim to provide their cats and dogs a more natural diet than kibbles. A newer, and more inclusive, term for BARF is “raw feeding.” Sometimes a variety of meat sources for this diet are scarce, so these pet owners are more than happy to discover a meat rabbit breeder near them. Selling to the dog food market can be profitable at $4/lb. There is one rabbitry that I know of that did this and just about put themselves out of business because they couldn’t keep up with demand. I also raise my rabbits for dog food. This is a good market you can butcher and sell rabbits as pet food with no USDA restrictions. Also snake and reptile owners need to feed their animals. You can sell rabbits at every age and size for this market.

whole wild rabbits harvested for raw dog food diet? : Meat Rabbits

Taking this compelling research into account, the next question is where to begin. Two major schools of raw feeding exist today. The first, “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food” (BARF), was created by veterinary surgeon Ian Billinghurst. A typical BARF diet is made up of 60 to 80 percent raw meaty bones (poultry necks, wings and backs; rabbit or quail quarters or halves; and so forth), and 20 to 40 percent fruits and veggies, meat, eggs, and dairy foods, along with an abundance of supplements. The second, the “prey-model” diet, strictly mimics what proponents believe would be the animal’s natural diet in the wild. Whole rabbits or game hens, for example, are often offered to the dog. This diet recommends 80 percent muscle meat, 10 percent bone and 10 percent organ meat, and nothing more.

I am considering raising rabbits to feed to my dogs as a raw diet