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Our Black Labrador, Bird use to spill so much water on our kitchen floors before his elevated feeder, that the joke around the house was that, in a way, we had the cleanest wooden floors in town since we had to wipe them off so often…But with his raised dog feeder, he does not need to lift his head so much, and the water simply drips back into the dish…No more wiping!

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XL Farm Table Dog Bowl Dish Feeder, Raised, Distressed, Whitewashed, Reclaimed Wood, Rustic One more benefit is the lowered risk of overeating. These dishes contain less dog food than ordinary ones, meaning that your dog will get a specific amount of food, the amount he actually needs. The last, but not least, these dishes make feeding time more pleasant for your pet! They won’t cause muscle strain either!

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All dog dishes with stand are highly practical, but this one is outstanding. It brings the best of the both worlds. Usually, it is used as raised model, but in a few seconds, it can be transformed into the conventional unit. The main element is made from stainless steel, so it is durable, food-safe and it is easy to wash. This product can be used by dog owners who have small and a large dog.

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TOAST, MACRON, BURGER, ... - elevated pet bowl stand - raised pet feeder - dog bowl holder - raised cat dish - pet feeding station by Cc2kdesign on EtsyMy dog is not a large dog. At roughly 25 lbs and 13″ shoulder height, he’s not that far off the ground to really legitimately need a raised dog dish holder.If your dog is aging or struggles with digestion or joint issues, an elevated dog bowl can help. Raised dog dishes reduce the amount of strain on your dog’s back and neck, which helps improve their posture and their overall health. They can also aid in the digestive process, especially for dogs who suffer from or . By placing the bowl closer to your dog’s mouth, your dog won’t ingest as much air, which results in a healthier stomach and less gas.Want to know why raised dog bowls are the best? The is related to the digestion in large dogs. This type improves the digestion, which is closely related to the improved health of your pet! Another reason is the reduced risk of neck muscle strain. Most of the large dog breeds will have a problem eating from the standard dog dishes, therefore elevated dog bowls are the best option. itself has published an article on why this type of bowls should be preferred for larger dog breeds.We have a wide selection of for your pet. Raised dog dishes make the eating position more comfortable for your dog by bringing the food and water higher and closer to their mouths. These are a great option for aging, injured or arthritic dogs.