Myths About Raw: Will my dog aquire parasites from raw meat?

I'm glad that we can comment. Thank you very much! I have fed raw to my German, Belgian and Dutch Shepherds since 1990. My vet bills are almost nonexistent, my puppies are healthy and large, and the traditional "bad skin" German Shepherds are glossy, heavily pigmented, and have great teeth! It's possible that companion dogs, like poodles, having been bred to eat from the plate of its owner, could have problems, but as I say, "real dogs need real meat". In Michigan, where I live, it's deer season, and my complete kennel has been eating raw venison scraps for over a month. It's free, fresh, and really palatable, based on my dogs reactions! I feed raw primarily, with a kibble day every week. My kibble is 4 health, grain free. Clean up is so much easier, have had zero problems.

Is RAW venison ok for dogs?

Hi Sami
I use iron will raw along with big country raw and pets 4 life. They all have a website you can look up. I was using big country raw almost exclusively, but prefer the iron will overall because it has a better fat to protein ratio due to the fact that they use skinless chicken duck etc were as bcr uses skin on. You need to be aware that these diets are not completely balanced so you do need to add fish oil and a supplement. I personally use best in show total support and green lipped mussels. As for pets 4 life it is a completely balanced diet, however it can be pricey, and also some dogs don’t react well to ground flax. I use this when traveling because it is really convenient. So for the long reply. Hope this info is helpfull.


Shop our premium raw venison for dogs. Made in the USA, great for dogs of any size, AAFCO approved. Free Shipping Nationwide! Hi Amy, my husband found this blog. It seems very helpful. My 5 year old Olde English Bulldog has just been diagnosed with Chronic Active Hepatitis. The food he is currently on is Eagle Pack Holistic Select, either the fish or the duck, I add blueberries in the morning, boiled white fish(whiting) a little wet dog food, cellfood Sam-e, milk thistle and dandelion root powder. He became jaundiced and his liver values had doubled, so he just spent a week in the hospital and now is taking Ursodiol, Baytril, Pepcid, Prednisone and Denamarin. In the evening I add vegetables, carrots, broccoli, green beans, peas, which I rotate daily. The vet said to keep his diet the same, exercise the same, although he just doesn’t have much energy. Because of the Prednisone he is ravenous at feeding times, which is twice a day and a small meal at night. His normal weight is 88lbs but right now he is 80lbs. There is a great stand alone pet food shop near us and they seem to have a great selection of natural, grain free products as well as raw food for dogs. Am I better off going and buying my own meats and fish or would this privately owned shop be a good place to get the raw. I feel I need to reduce the copper in his diet and realise that vets have good intentions but are not nutritionists. Also, what is your opinion on acupuncture, I read it can be helpful. Thank you for any info.

Yes, there can be parasites in raw meat

Hi Amy my dog recently has had liver issues. He had high liver enzymes and dehydrated. The vet performed a liver ultra sound and his liver was of normal size no masses and no shunt. His gall bladder was small. The vet has him on amoxicillin, hill prescription LD canned food and a milk thistle SamE supplement. I have done some reading and research about the raw diet and there is so much info out there. I do know I want to change his diet to the raw diet. I just want to make sure I’m in the right track due to his liver. Your blog article helped me a lot. I want to know if I’m on the right track or if I have a recipe for dogs with liver issues? I know I need protein try to stay with poultry and fish limit the red protein (d/t ammonia it produces) and limit fat (d/t fat digestion and his small gall bladder and yes he was jaundice) so my question is when I see added oil to a recipe should I omit .it? And is venison good to give occasionally? I have access to fresh venison. My dog is only 7-8lbs so I’m figuring he only get 2 to 2.4 oz of raw food or 1/4 to 1/3 cup. I just need some reassurance I don’t need convincing to do the raw diet I just want to do it right. Your guidance is much appreciated. Kimberly

Myths About Raw: Will the bacteria in raw meat hurt my dog?