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Browse through Petco’s wide selection of comfortable and stylish dog clothes to find each season’s must-haves. As you know, dog clothes like shoes, sweaters, and dresses each have their own function. Whether you need to keep your pup’s mitts warm in the winter or want to get them ready to strut their stuff at the park, dog apparel at Petco is designed to be both comfortable and fashionable. There are also extra small sizes available to accommodate your puppy clothes needs for every climate and fashion trend. And remember that the earlier you introduce your pup to puppy clothes, the more willing they will be to wear dog apparel as they get older. For cooler climates, we offer a wide variety of dog clothes, coats, hoodies and sweaters to keep your dog toasty and comfy. And since every day is different, our dog hoodies and sweaters come in different fabrics, thicknesses, and colors. From light coats and life jackets to dresses, t-shirts, and tanks we have their spring dog clothes needs covered. If it's cloudy out, we also have dog raincoats for warm or cool rainy days. If the sun is out we have dog life jackets in every size, to ensure that every pup has a fun and safe day by the surf. Along with dog life jackets, you can find reflective dog vests, raincoats, coats, and clothes to keep them protected and easy-to-spot despite low-visibility weather.

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Despite common beliefs (especially those of large breed dog owners), not all small dogs want to be carried all the time and sit in your lap the rest of the time. These are busy, on-the-go little guys who love their walks as much as their big cousins. How cute would that be to see your dog jogging down the street with you in a snazzy set of red small dog shoes? With the speed those legs can move, his paws would be a dazzling red blur!

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Red Glitter Dog Shoes As always, we recommend reading others' opinions on all kinds of puppy boots and Pawz dog boots reviews. You'll quickly see that the lack of padding and fasteners make these doggie boots a favorite among pet owners with canines who typically kick other doggy boots off. Compared to many other options, these dog boots that stay on easily are most convenient, and they do a great job of protecting dogs’ feet from snow and/or salt. Pet owners say that the material of Pawz Water-Proof Dog Boot is so thin that dogs seem to forget they are even wearing the dog shoes. They also provide extra grip for canines with bad hips or dogs with arthritis that cause them to slip on hardwood floors.

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The reflective tape on Colorfulhouse dog walking boots is great for safely going out at night with your pooch, and these dog shoes are available in a variety of sizes and in both red and black colors. On top of that, these booties for dogs are very sturdy and tend to stay on easily, whether canines are taking a lengthy walk or simply going outside to potty.

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