red leather studded dog collar - 2" red alligator ..

Full, top grain leather is used in this red spiked dog collar. Alternates spikes and studs; 7 studs and 6 spikes. Spikes are approximately 3/8-inch long. Collar is 5/8-inches wide and fits dog or human neck size 11.25 inches to 13.5 inches.

19-22 red faux leather spiked studded dog collar 2 wide, 37 spikes 60 studs

Have had both a 3/4 and 1 inch width collar, and both looked great! 3/4 looks great on smaller dogs, whereas the 1 inch looks incredible on the bigger dogs! 1 inch pieces seemed a little bulky at first, but after a few days realized the studs, spikes and personalized collar all matched up for an incredible collar that has everyone staring at our girl! We love the pink on pink and with the price and customer service, our only complaint is that the shipping did take quite a while. Overall, awesome product that comes highly recommended!

Genuine Leather Studded Red Dog Collar

19-22 red faux leather spiked studded dog collar 2 wide, 37 spikes 60 studs Dogs are perhaps the oldest domesticated animal in the world, and the history of dogs being companions to men dates back 12,000 years. In Ancient Egypt, although they were not revered like cats, dogs were the hunters and protectors of their human masters, and from the peak of the Egyptian Civilization can be found in archeological digs today. The first instance of dogs wearing spiked and studded collars, however, was in Ancient Greece. The sheepdog was an important farm animal, protecting the flock from predators. The Greeks outfitted their sheepdogs with spiked collars, called melium, to protect them from the sharp teeth of wolves that preyed on the sheep. This practice spread to the Romans, and lasted until the Medieval Ages.

Celebrity Rhinestone Studded Dog Collar - Red, Blue - Glamour Mutt

For those who love to play dress-up with their pets, spiked and studded collars simply look fabulous, especially those studded with bling or perhaps made of colored leather. Dog collars aren't just a way of protecting a dog, but a way for owners to express their own taste and creativity.

Studded Leather Dog Collar Small Medium Large Breeds Red Black.

I have ordered many items and everything has been great until I rescued a puppy 1 year ago. SHe has managed to pull off and destroy 3 embroidered collars I purchased for one of my other dogs. I received replacement collars in a timely manner and I asked for a more study collar. THe leather spiked collar was recommended, in less than a month it was destroyed.

I have decided to have my dogs chipped!A distressed dark red leather dog collar with alligator embossing featuring clear Swarovski Crystal "bling" and antique copper studs and conchos.