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This collar is great – the reflective coating is definitely visible yet the collar is still quite pliable for my dog’s comfort. The nameplate engraving seems to be of excellent quality and should last for a really long time without getting worn down. Lastly and very importantly, this shop is absolutely wonderful to work with!! Quick to respond to questions and very helpful and friendly. Thanks so much for a great and highly functional collar! FEBRUARY UPDATE: our pups have been rough housing in their collars all day every day for several weeks now, and they still look brand new. These are AWESOME collars and if they ever wear out (though that seems hard to fathom given the way they have held up so far), we’ll certainly be ordering them again.

free shipping 1 1/2" Wide D Ring Reflective Hunting Dog Collar with Free Brass Name Plate

Our Biothane products include ScruffTag Personalized Collars, Soft Grip Leashes, Personalized Nameplate Collars, QR Code Collars and even Reflective Strap Collars. All dogIDs Biothane and Biothane Beta products come with an option for personalization and are guaranteed for the life of your pet.

1 in. K-9 Komfort Reflective Standard Dog Collar. $15.95.

1 1/2" Wide D Ring Reflective Hunting Dog Collar with Free Brass Name Plate good Constructed with industrial rivets and nickel plated hardware, these collars last for years with daily wear even if you're doing extensive leash work and frequent staking out. The reflective strip will make the dog visible in any beam of light, whether a flashlight or a car headlight for maximum safety. Add a brass nameplate with your name and contact information for added protection should your dog become lost.

The free name plates are spectacular.

For years, I ordered ID collars for my lab/spaniel mix from Cabela's, and I only had to replace them when I moved since they were so durable. Upon my last move, however, I could not justify $6 shipping for a $15 collar, so I searched elsewhere. I found a couple of nice collars from Outdoor Dog Supply on Amazon, but they weren't exactly what I was looking for, so I decided to check out their website.

Wow! I couldn't believe all the options I found! Not only was there free shipping, but the vast options of collars were even cheaper than Cabela's, AND I found this option that included a reflective stripe (a necessity for a black dog with thick fur). I found exactly what I was looking for: weatherproof tough material, 1-inch width, an ID plate, a reflective stripe, and both a D-ring and O-ring for durability. Shipping was incredibly fast—even with personalization, the collar shipped the same morning I ordered it and arrived within 2 days (compared to 1-2 weeks from Cabela's).

The only drawbacks I could find are 1) only three lines of personalization instead of the four on my old Cabela's collars (resulting in the omission of my city/state) and 2) the 19" inch collar required some trimming to avoid having the excess overlap the ID plate. Both were easily dealt with—my dog's name and phone number were more important than a city/state since we don't travel much, and a pair of shears and a lighter to solder the edges easily took care of the excess collar length.

I see this collar lasting for years to come (or until my next move!), and it is every bit as durable as my old Cabela's collars. It actually exceeded my expectations, so if you're hesitating, don't—your dog will love it!

1" Heavy Duty Glow Tuff Reflective D Ring dog collar