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Dogs are delightful pets, but they can be smelly. This is especially true in the confined space of the car. After taking your dogs to the beach or park in the car a few times, your car may end up reeking of doggy odor. Getting rid of odor is fairly simple. If your car is very smelly, clean the interior to remove the odor. For a mild smell, an odor remover can do the trick. There are also steps you can take to prevent odor from developing to begin with.

How do I remove dog urine smell from carpet. My 13 year old lab has had a few accidents.

We all love our dogs, but sometimes accidents can happen and cleanup can be a difficult challenge. This is especially true if you’re dealing with problems like getting dog urine out of carpet or upholstery pieces. When trying to find the right dog urine remover, there are many factors to consider. If you’re looking to clean up stains and figure out how to remove dog urine smell from carpet or other furniture items, check out the recommended products below.

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Following these steps should remove the pet or dog pee smell from the carpet. Removing Dog Urine Odor from Carpet
Removing Pet Smell from Carpet
Removing the Smell of Cat Urine
Urine Odor Carpet
Urine Odor in Carpet
Urine Odor Removal
Urine Odor Removal from Carpet
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Urine Odour Removal
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Urine Removal from Carpet
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Urine Smell out of Carpet
Urine Smell Removal
Urine Smell Removal from Carpet
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Remove Dog Urine from Carpet
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Remove Cat Urine Carpet
Remove Cat Urine Odor
Remove Cat Urine Odor from Carpet
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Remove Cat Urine Smell from Carpet

So how do you get rid of that smelly dog smell

I foster dogs in addition to owning two of my own, so I have a lot of pups going through my house. Since they’re rescues and often times come from places where they haven’t even started on potty training, I have a lot of accidents in my house. And I do mean a lot. Pretty much everything you could imagine that could come out of either end of dog has probably ended up on my carpet at some point or another. Come spring time my backyard also turns into a mud pit, and I have dogs tearing in from the backyard tracking who knows what all over the place. In short, stain removers are a must at my house, and not only do they have to get the stain, but the smell as well. Unfortunately, it took me awhile to catch on to the fact that I could make my own and that they would work just as well as the dozen or so other expensive cleaners I’d tried before. Mud, blood, number 1 or number 2, here are 3 natural DIY solutions to keeping up on pet stains and odors.

How to Remove Pet Odor from Carpets and Furniture