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However, our studies have shown that, for puppy mill dogs, basic training is beneficial for some, in that it helps them recover from their emotional struggles, but for others, such training creates dis­tress and can hamper their emotional healing. For the dogs who are negatively affected by training, there are two main factors at work: fear and an impaired ability to focus and concentrate.


With a lot of patience, persistence, compassion and love, having adopted a puppy mill rescue dog will be an enriching and rewarding experience for the adopter.

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The proud pooch mom hopes that B.B’s plight encourages other to crack down on illegal dog breeding and save puppy mill rescues like B.B. My home is a patchwork of forgotten or discarded canines. Of my dogs, Hootenanny and Whoopsie came in as young pups, but the rest were adults when we found them. Each one -- regardless of their circumstances -- had serious issues to overcome. As a puppy Whoopsie had a urinary tract infection that prolonged the housetraining. Hootenanny came up from Arkansas with her litter and by 10-weeks-old had earned herself the nickname: "The Cushion Shredder." Bamboozle's initial response to unknown sights and stimulation? A barking frenzy, reaching octaves only a little 5 pounder can hit. And Balderdash, my big burly German Shepherd Dog who was dropped at our doorstep at 18 months old? He was scared of his own shadow and frightfully anxious when left home alone.

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What then do specific dog behaviors tell us? In this blog, part four of my adoption series, I'll spotlight the most common frustrations people have with newly adopted rescue dogs and puppies. I don't mean to discourage dog rescue! My goal is simply to lead you into it with knowledge, empathy and solutions to common frustrations. Everyone wants a happy ending, most of all the dog or puppy.

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Thinking about adopting a new family member? Rescue Dogs Rock, Inc., rescues puppies and dogs from high kill shelters, owner surrenders, puppy mill throw aways and medically neglected and suffering dogs and give them the proper medical care, then we do our best to find them the perfect home. We are deeply committed to healing the physical and emotional wounds these animals have suffered.We are a group of volunteers whose goal is to save the lives of homeless dogs suffering in high-kill shelters, as well as owner-surrender dogs who need to be re-homed due to unfortunate circumstances. We are not a shelter, and we have no central location for the dogs we rescue. We pull dogs from various shelters and provide foster homes until they are adopted. In doing so, we hope to provide an alternative to the purchase of puppy mill and pet store dogs, thereby reducing the demand for, and ultimately, the supply of, such dogs. We strive to match each dog with the right family after the dog has been observed in a foster home.