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iRainy Retractable Dog Leash is the best quality leash that is made of eco-friendly material. It is specially designed with the anti-slip soft handle for secure gripping. It is reliable lock system that provides full control enabling instant retraction of the leash when needed and just simply presses the brake button with your thumb to stop the leash. It is the best dog leash for nighttime safety that is built-in super 9 LED light easily detaches. It is perfect for evening walks (AAA batteries not included). This leash can support dog up to 95 pounds and extendable lead up to the 26-foot length that allows your dog the freedom to move freely while you maintain full control.

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Finally there is a new type of retractable lead on the market which has an inertia brake. This lead automatically locks if the dog takes off too quickly, it acts similar to how a seatbelt locks if you pull it too fast.

Dr. Becker: 10 Reasons Not to Use a Retractable Leash

This Retractable Dog Lead is an ideal tool for walking your dog around the neighborhood. It comes in a variety of colors and is meant for dogs up to 44 lbs. i am glad to read this. i own and rescue doxies. i always use a harness as doxies are notorious for pulling and hurting their necks on any leash. i had no idea that the flexi could be dangerous…my dogs are older and don’t generally bolt, and i’ve been glad i had the harness on when they did. my biggest fear has always been that the retractor would fail near traffic, and my dog would end up dead in the street, so i’ve never used one near a road…always at the lake so she can swim or walk around in the muck…my doxie girl was a pig in a former life, she loves the mud so much…i think that unless we are at the lake, i will be sure to use a fixed lead from now on even to walk down our quiet street where there is little traffic. i didn’t fully trust them before, and your article has shown me that there are other dangers there as well. into the bin they go! thank you.

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I use retractables once in awhile, but never in an area where there are lots of dogs or people. I like them at a longer dog show (like the Nationals, which go on for a week), as a means of getting away from everyone else with just my dog, in a quiet area where we can both stretch our legs and heads a bit. Otherwise, the dogs are on short leads.

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Many dog owners use retractable leashes but are unaware of the hazards they pose. The devices are popular because they are compact and allow dogs the freedom to walk up to 26 feet away without being untethered. However, there are some serious downsides and dangers to retractable leashes that lead many dog trainers to advise against them. There are several types of , but they all share similar characteristics. The handle of the leash is plastic, often with a specialized grip or contoured shape for comfort. The cord may be between two and twenty-six feet long, though sixteen feet is the most common length. Retractable leashes come in a variety of widths - typically, narrow leashes are more appropriate for while wider lead provide sturdier control for larger breeds. Leash manufacturers give recommendations for each leash and its appropriateness for particular dog sizes.