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My six dogs were switched from Iams MiniChunks to 4health in the summer of 2015 amidst some bad reviews for Iams and some people's dogs becoming really sick. I have had no complaints until the most recent bag I purchased about a week and a half ago, which has made three of my six dogs very sick, with one barely hanging on at the moment. 4health and Diamond Naturals, I have read, are pretty much the same dog foods with the same ingredients and made in the same plant. I thought I should write this after reading of the dogs who have just died recently from eating Diamond dog foods. I have pulled the food from my dogs and are feeding them boiled chicken and rice. However, two of them are still too sick to eat anything. I hope this message goes a long way towards saving some dogs' lives.

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After I and my boxer have been subject to allergies for a while, I discovered that the culprit is Diamond Naturals pet food. I had watery itchy eyes and later headaches. My boxer also had watery eyes, bad breath, and could not gain weight. I emailed Diamond and told them of my findings and asked if something could be in their food that is not in the Diamond High Energy. That is what we switched to and the allergies stopped. The response I got from Diamond was very Lawyer written and Diamond did not mention a recall they issued last year. I did not know of the recall until this morning which prompted this review. I hate that I now will switch from Diamond High Energy but I feel like Diamond is more interested in profit than my dog's health. I had originally switched to Diamond from Purina after the China tainted dog food and recall. It seems some US companies can not make dog food either.

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Have a comment or question about our Diamond dog food review? Want to share your experiences with others? We welcome your comments I’ve recently been giving my 3 dogs the 4Health grain free dry chicken and rotating with the turkey. One of my dogs has become very ill with severe gastroenteritis related to an allergy or intolerance to the food (ingredients). Now he’s on a special diet. He was previously eating Nature’s Recipe grain free and looking back it seems he did better on that food. If it is true that the 4Health s made by Diamond, I will discontinue giving it to my other 2 dogs. Does anyone know for sure who makes this food? I’m looking at giving them Merrick Limited or Acana Single Soure instead, and changing from fowl to lamb or salmon.

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I’m switching From Nutra Max to Diamond TODAY! My dogs are both very ill from being on Nutra Max. Previously I bought them Diamond but they just didn’t seem to like it. So I switched to Nutro (both brands avail. for my choice at a nearby menards) Is there any pointers on how to make them like Diamond better? This is it! I’ve been switching and swapping from Beneful ( i found out how terrible it is!) to Rachel Ray then to Iams then to Daimond to Nutro Max now back to Diamond. They will just have to like it. I’m done with all this swapping. However WILL NEVER feed them Nutro max again! It is ok to maybe mix some cooked chicken liver (because its so cheap) with the dog food perhaps?

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It sounds like mine is one more voice added to the resounding negative reviews of Diamond dog food. Very concerning. I had been feeding my 5 month old Golden Retriever puppy the 'Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Food' lamb and rice formula since she was weaned from her mother. However, the last bag of food I purchased for her in April 2017 caused my dog pain and suffering. She had chronic diarrhea, vomiting, was lethargic, had some blood in her stool, even the shakes and a potential minor seizure one day. She even developed flaky and irritated skin under her armpits and belly. Whenever I'd cook chicken and white rice for my dog, she would get back to normal. However, as I would slowly try to re-introduce the Diamond Naturals kibble back into her bowl, the vomiting, loose stool and diarrhea would return.I bought 4 cans of Diamond Naturals, thinking it was healthy from the ingredients, etc. I have 5 dogs ranging from small to large. I give tbsp. in dry food for big dogs and tsp. in dry food for little dogs. 4 of my 5 dogs are seniors and 3 of my 4 are small dogs. Dachshund started with diarrhea. Then my 110 lb Shepherd. Then my Chihuahua. Got online and read the reviews on here and called my vet crying! The dogs have only little amounts and maybe 6 meals. Should be ok but I'm nervous now and watching for any signs that it gets worse. Little dogs and senior dogs have harder time recovering, hope I caught it in time before severe issues. So sad to hear all the animals and families suffering from this.