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can be an excellent training leash for big dogs that pull on lead or a perfect lead for that well trained, easy going dogs. Slip Leads are a different style of climbing rope dog leash frequently seen used at the vet or kennels when transporting dogs. Animal rescue teams, and individual use slip leads when in the field rescuing homeless dogs. This style leash is strong & reliable, and a perfect leash for those knowledgeable in its safe and correct use. Like all of our climbing rope dog leashes these can be configured with a carbiner adding flexibility to how this leash can be used.

The best rope slip lead with original design by Lasso. Best nautical rope lead for dogs.

Customize your slip leash by choosing the material and length for your slip leash. Commonly used materials are rope, cotton and braided nylon. Use your measuring tape to determine the length you want. The average length of a leash varies between 4 and 6 feet. With a slip lead, you must consider adding inches for the part that will go around the dog's neck. Be sure to measure your dog's neck as well and add this measurement to the length.

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Spring Sales on OmniPet British Rope Slip Lead for Dogs, 4', Raspberry Climbing rope slip leads are a popular choice among animal rescue groups, dog kennels and trainers. Slip leads can be a helpful tool for training large dogs not to pull.

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Wolfpack Supply dog leashes are all 5 feet in length, and made of rock climbing rope, proving to be the most durable leash available. Easily slip the lead over your dog's head and the leash functions as a collar + leash. Slip leads are a great tool to use for training, or for quick transport from the home to the car, or from the car to any other adventure. As the slip lead does not have a 'stop' it can continue to tighten if the dog is a heavy puller, so always be conscious of your dog's…

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Part collar and part leash, Mountain Dog's Super Slip Lead is the perfect no-fuss dog handling solution! This leash is incredibly easy to use: simply place it over the dog’s head and adjust the sliding fob for a perfect fit. When you use this leash, you never need a collar! Great for agility and dog-Frisbee competitions, quick errands, or as a spare leash. Made from recycled climbing rope and built to last, the Super Slip Lead is 6' long and the perfect addition to your leash collection! Soft Lines arthritic and handicap friendly 5/8 inch round slip leads for Dogs are made from multifilament polypropylene rope making these dog slip leads extremely soft and more flexible than Nylon slip leads, and have a great hand feel and are easy to grip for arthritic and handicap persons. Multifilament polypropylene slip leads are water resistant and will not rot or mildew. Along with its high yield strength, the rope has just the right amount of stretch woven into it for your dogs activities.