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And the only reason i strongly recommend royal canin is because 1) my vet EXPLAINED each and every ingredient on the label to me and how its healthy
2) my dog has tried MANY other grain free and natural foods, and got sick on all of them
3) my VET who went to VET school explained how they develop the food and test it, and actually showed me pictures

if royal canin, both wet and dry, is the only dog food that she likes and will eat consistently, then i am going go to keep feeding her RC

Blue Buffalo Wilderness was all I feed my Malinois and it nearly killed him. The quality control on the vitamins added into the food is not what it should be for all their hype about all natural, quality food. At the age of 2 he developed pancreatitis and early stage kidney failure due to Vitamin D poisoning from the excessively high levels present in the food. He has also undergone treatment for stage 2 cancer resulting from prolonged exposure to the high levels of vitamin D. My dog is still only 4 yrs old and can no longer do the work he loves because of his health. Royal Canin veterinary low fat food is the only thing to relieve his pancreatic symptoms and allow him to function as a mostly normal dog.

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Royal Canin Dog Food Wholesale Delhi Noida Gurgaon - Lowest prices at Delhi Pet Shop - Online Wholesale Pet Supplies store From what we can tell in browsing through a number of Royal Canin dog foods online, it looks like each one is unique in terms of ingredients and guaranteed analysis. The foods appear to be designed specifically for dogs of certain ages or breeds, as stated by Royal Canin. The information provided about health conditions agrees with what we know about breeds and their potential health issues. Most of the percentages for the foods (protein and fat, for example), look very generous. Ingredients in the foods look better than average. No, these are not “natural” or “holistic” ingredients that you will find in some dog foods. But Royal Canin has always maintained that they are devoted to scientific principles of nutrition rather than what makes owners feel good. These foods look like they would be good for dogs even if they do not contain ingredients that people want to eat.

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Royal Canin Digestive Low Fat has now helped saved two of my miniature schnauzers. One has severe pancreas issues and this is the only food (dog or otherwise prepared for dogs) that she can keep down. The other, a rescue, has not been able to tolerate any quality dog food except this one, and without it he has inflammatory issues and blood in his poops. I can not say enough about how this dog food has helped our pets and fear the consequences and vet expense if it were not available. I can supplement a little with Prescription G/D for my older ones but not too much or problems creep in. Obviously a fine balance.

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