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Even diva dogs need to let off some steam every once in a while! We have all the your little fur baby needs to have a fun time at the park. Rubber dog toys in cute shapes are favorites for all distinguished doggies of all sizes and breeds! We offer high-quality toys for any type of play—from traditional balls, discs, and tugs, to even a rubber chicken dog toy. Your pup will love playing “ruff” with our durable rubber dog toys—all the way until bedtime!

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Wacky costumes put a new spin on the classic rubber chicken, but your dog won't notice the toys' tongue-in-cheek design. Dogs just go for the prey-like shape and thrilling squeak, which mimics doomed animals and overexcited teen-boppers in the wild. The latex-rubber toys make for a great game of fetch or keep away.

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The best If a rubber chicken dog toy isn’t off-the-wall enough for your dog, you can get a truly unique rubber dog toy that’s one of a kind—just like your fur baby. A is a perfect fit for small breeds, and will make them feel like real hunters as they chase down their pink, smiling prey! For dogs who like to fetch, you can’t go wrong with a rubber dog toy by Ruffwear; the , Turnup, Lunker, and toys offer more than just unique shapes—your dog will love them!

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Choose from octopus, chicken, bear, or turtle.