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Do you seriously spend half your day commenting on sites like these, bickering back and forth between what dyes are safe or not? Please, people. There are dogs getting beaten and forced to fight TILL THE DEATH and being RAPED by the sickos out there and you’re worrying about something like altering their appearance? If we want to give dogs what they love, let’s buy a deer to crap in our yards and set our dogs loose. Would you want them in your house then? If the dog is fine, I say let them be dyed. If it’s painful, don’t do it.

Dog Hair Dye Information | Top perfomance products and how to Dye your Dogs Hair safely

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For some reason this random video in the middle of a playlist has blown up. The products I'm using on my dog are SAFE. I have been dying her for years and she loves the attention she gets from it. The "poor dog" comments are just dumb because this dog loves her life. Dying dogs has been done for many years and still done today especially in DOG SHOWS. It doesn't mean every dog should be dyed. Don't dye a dog that does not like people because they get massive love when taken out. Also, don't dye a dog that doesn't enjoy the process. The process takes extra time but it's no different them doing extra time to let a conditioner sit on them or getting a fancy haircut. Lastly, she turned out so cute. You are only seeing the dye sitting. Here's the Finished Outcome of this video

How to dye your dog with Koolaid, Manic Panic and Food Coloring


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Pet Safe Hair / Fur Dye for Dogs - Lottie would be especially nice with Pink Accents Dog Hair Dye, is the latest in crazy pet fashion trends. Available on the market now is Dog Hair dye, ever thought of giving your beloved pet Dog a make over well you now can! There are so many options available now from pink to green, to zebra patterns. Non toxic Hair dyes for your pet are now available so no harm will come from it, You can now change your dogs style like a pro! Many people are in debate about how safe this is for your loved pet. From the research I have done I have come to the conclusion that the products that are available from amazon have very good reviews and have had no bad reports of them causing any harm to your pet. As long as you choose a non toxic product for dying your dogs hair then you and your dog are safe.

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Kool-Aid is more than just an iconic beverage mix, it’s also a fun way to dye your pet’s coat! You can use Kool-Aid to dye any type of coat but dogs with white coat will get the best results. Before turning to a popular drink to play up your pet’s coat, it’s best to read more about the risks and long-term results of such practices. It’s better to safe than sorry!

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