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For the safety of your dog and for the people riding in the car, you should never allow your dog to ride loose in the car. An unrestrained dog can become a dangerous projectile in the event of an accident, and you put your dog’s life at risk as well as your own when you allow him to ride loose in the car.

Jun 26, 2016 - Restraints can keep your dog safe and protect others in the event of a car accident

Following extensive research and testing, we created a system that offers you the convenience and versatility of a quick-release design, and your dog the protection and comfort of a specially engineered safety harness. The CHAMPION Canine Seat Belt System™ includes our and CHAMPION Restraint Strap™, which attaches easily to all types of vehicle seat belts, and cargo hooks in SUVs, vans, trucks, and wagons.

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Jump to AllSafe Seatbelt Dog Restraint Car Safety Harness - Using the AllSafe tether with your harness: .. Cars were not built to offer a safe ride for dogs. They weren’t even built as a safe ride for babies and young children, which is why we strap them into car seats, which limits their mobility, has been extensively tested per government standards, and is required before you drive away from the hospital with a newborn. Our furry babies, on the other hand, often roam around our vehicles or sit, unrestrained, sometimes with their head out the window. We don’t put our children’s life at risk while in a vehicle. Why do we do it to our other babies, our dogs?

Oct 28, 2013 - All dog seat belts are not created equal

In 2013, partnered with the (CPS), a nonprofit research and advocacy organization dedicated to companion animal and consumer safety, to test the crashworthiness of current dog car restraints available to consumers. Their results should be shocking to people like me who had been buckling up their dog for years. The tests uncovered serious flaws in most marketed pet restraint systems at the time. Only one restraint, , earned the title of a Top Performing Harness because it:

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Crates and simple car seat belts cannot offer protection and safety in a car like the PupSaver Car Seat can! The PupSaver is a small dog car safety seat, created for small breed dogs in need of a safe seat for car rides. Harnesses, crates and booster seats are not the safest options for small dogs, since they offer no impact protection in case of accidents or short stops. The PupSaver offers full protection without complete restraint. It protects dogs up to 30 lbs and easily hooks up in…• MAX is the first Sleepypod crash test dog. Small in size for the purpose of testing pet carriers as pet safety restraints, MAX 1 weighs 12 pounds and MAX 2 weighs 6 pounds.