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Sorry, but this article didn't help much. There's no mention of the brands of the four belts tested. Also, are there more than four available on the market? It mentions that some producers are interested in the tests but not which ones. Have no pets at the moment but have lots of friends with fur babies. Would be nice to inform them about alternatives for safer car rides. Most of my friends with dogs use an animal barrier and have the dogs in the rear. Not ultimate, considering there are many hits from behind. But what to do?

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Until recently, there's been no independent safety testing of car harnesses for dogs - only manufacturers' claims in ads. Now the Center for Pet Safety, an independent nonprofit, reports and names names. Hang on to your seatbelts; it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Car Safety Harnesses protect your dog while riding in the car

Perfect for the pooch that enjoys their backseat freedom, this dog seat belt will keep your dog safe while you drive. Order seat belts for dogs today! I have two dogs a shepherd mixed and a chihuahua mixed and safety belts for both. It do keep my larger from traveling from side to side, but I do worry more about my little one that he could get seriously injure, my car is small, but everyone knows small dogs bones are more fragile. They should change the law and make more safety for them to ride. They are our family too.

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The Center for Pet Safety conducted the rigorous crash testing on commonly available pet safety restraints using realistic, specially designed, crash test dogs, not live animals. A 55-pound crash dummy dog was used to see how the seat belts would hold up in a collision at 30 miles per hour, patterning the same motor vehicle safety standards used to test child seats. Of the four popular dog car harness brands, none held up in the tests. All of them demonstrated that they either could lead to plausibly serious or fatal injuries for not only the canine but driver, too.

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