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Macie may be 14 years old, but the rescue dog sometimes behaves like a teenage girl. Macie’s mom, Stacie Cummings, explains, “Our rescue dog Macie has a huge personality and can get quite the attitude. And when I say attitude, I mean 14-year-old girl attitude. She is 14 in dog years though. I guess that explains it.” Here she is showing off her sassy charm!

Sassy Dog Retreat is located in Sassafras, on the New South Wales South Coast.

Shibas were great before the whole Doge meme, and they'll continue to be great long after that meme has faded into nothingness. They've got strong, sassy personalities that you just can't help but love. Wow.

Cute sassy dog doesn't like being called a dog

Sassy Dog Retreat provides the best quality accommodation for your pet, at reasonable prices. You must be a building member to participate in our Sassy Dog class. We require that because one will not be able to correct these problems and develop new, acceptable behaviors in eight or even 16 weeks time. People who have sassy dogs will require more training, and it will take longer. People need to make that commitment to their dogs through Building Membership.

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Food has returned to the site of the recently demolished Young’s Hotel in Coventry.
The site, located on the corner of Carnegie Avenue and Manchester Road, now has “Sassy Dog,” a mobile hot dog stand that sets up shop there Monday through Friday.

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Premium boarding kennels in an idyllic setting…Sassy Dog Retreat could be your pet’s new holiday destination! Situated amongst the eucalyptus trees of Sassafras, Sassy Dog Retreat is an idyllic and peaceful boarding house purpose-built for pooches…Sassy is a people pleaser. She’ll play fetch all day long, but she won’t demand it of you. She is polite and mellow, even reserved when interacting with people, and easy to take for walks. If you start throwing a ball, her playful side comes out. If you’re looking for a quiet, sweet, easy dog to be your only pet, come see if Sassy is the right girl for you.Hello readers, and good day to you all. We hope things are well, and we are proud to present Sassy as our LWD Adoptable Dog of the Day. The name tells you almost everything you need to know about this beautiful dog. She’s chock-full of attitude, but is a lover and a people pleaser at heart. Truly, Sassy is the definition of personality on four legs! Right now, she’s with Pet Orphans of Southern California.sometimes a family can be a young kickass reporter, a retired sailor, an absentminded professor, a 100% chill butler, a pair of clumsy detectives and a sassy dog