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I like the Seresto Collar for several reasons. First, I can never remember to feed one treat, once a month to my dogs. I would rather do something once and forget about it until the next time, rather than continuously remember to feed treats. Second, I like the friction fit of the collars. They don’t have a buckle (like the Scalibor Flea Collar), snap, or other device that keeps the collar in a fixed position. This is a huge safety concern. While my dogs don’t go unattended, it is peaceful knowing that if they do get trapped by something, the collar will release, freeing them. The PetLock and Absorbine collars both have a similar design.

The Scalibor protector band is a versatile and elegant looking flea collar for those dogs who always like to look their best.

The Scalibor Protector Band for Dogs provides up to 6 months of protection against ticks and fleas. Collar incorporates a patented insecticide-release technology. Friction releases the insecticide deltamethrin steadily onto the dog’s skin over 6 months. Kills fleas and ticks for up to 6 months. Maximum effectiveness is achieved within 2-3 weeks of collar placement. The Scalibor Protector Band should be worn continuously. Water-resistant collar can be worn while swimming or bathing without impairing effectiveness. The collar must be worn loosely so that two fingers may be placed between collar and dog’s neck. Adjust to fit and cut off excess length. Active ingredient deltamethrin. Do not use on puppies under 12 weeks of age. Consult a veterinarian before using the Scalibor Protector Band on debilitated, aged, pregnant, medicated or nursing animals.

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Scalibor Tick Collar / Protector Band is a flea and tick control collar for dogs of all sizes I have seen good results with the Scalibor collar, but I do not know what kind of absorption takes place and what kind of concerns there would be with an immune compromised animal. The best thing to do is to zip-tie the tick collar to the inside of the dog's regular collar. One thing about the collar is that it takes 1 to 3 weeks to reach maximum effect, and then it is supposed to kill ticks withing 24 hours. My issue is that under no circumstances do I leave my dog in his kennel with his collar on (I have seen more than one dog strangle itself to death and I am a huge advocate because many people do not even know that it can happen), SO I do not know if it changes the effectiveness by taking the collar on and off. The dogs that it works well for wear their collars all the time. Also client reviews seem to agree that the collar is not very effective against fleas. Something you may want to look into is Certifect () It is a newer product marketed by Frontline that is effective against fleas, and has even more protection against ticks than Frontline Plus. Once again, I would check with your vet about what kind of absorption takes place and make sure that it is safe for your pet. All the clients that get Certifect say that it works wonderfully, and as with Frontline we see very few problems/reactions with it. When we do see a reaction it is a skin irritation that resolves on its own. One bad thing about Certifect is that it STINKS really bad for a day or so after you put it on. Some people actually stop using it because it smells so bad. Good luck with your search for the best product!

Scalibor Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs.

Jackson's vet assured me many, many times that being on Sentinel (flea & heartworm protection - an oral, monthly pill) and Parastar (tick protection - liquid dropper, monthly) are the two least (if at all) systemically absorbed drugs out there. For a pet with a cancer diagnosis, these are great options. For dogs with other compromised immune systems, these are great options. The Scalibor collar wasn't something she'd want Jackson on - there is more absorption with that product. We're holding off on the Lyme vaccine, as I know from previous years, Parastar does a darn good (and gross) job at killing ticks. I'd love to not have to give him anything for ticks, but alas, we live in CT.

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