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Hi there! Just wanted to say that I really love your blog. I’m finding your training tips very helpful as I work with my mildly reactive rescue dog. Just wanted to let you know, since you mentioned that you wanted to try it, that I actually tried out the Freedom Harness for a month with my pup, and I hated it!
I had high expectations, since the reviews I could find on it (albeit there are only a few reviews available online) were all raving. Wiggles, Wags, and whiskers recommended that I use the training leash with the dual connection, so I ordered the set that included the harness, dual leash, and training guide. While I appreciated their nice customer service, and their attention to detail (such as velvet to prevent chafing), I didn’t like how the harness and leash operated in real life. When I walked on the street with my dog, the leash would get all twisted up from simple movements like if she would go sniff then turn slightly. Every time it would get twisted, I would have to pull over to the side of the sidewalk and try to unravel it. I didn’t like the puppet-style handing. I also didn’t like how the rear connection (on the back) operated by squeezing her body for pulling. I didn’t feel comfortable using a tool that used any pain or discomfort on my already sensitive dog, especially in a situation where she would be prone to reactivity. Just my thoughts and experience! Glad the harness has worked for others, though! I plan on ordering the sense-ation for my dog and trying it out this week. Have a great one!

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Dog harnesses are a great way to walk your dog while keeping pressure off of your dog's sensitive throat and trachea. No-pull dog harnesses can also do a great job of gently preventing your dog from taking you for a "drag" instead of a walk. Here at Pet Expertise, we offer four types of such as the . In most cases, they work great for our customers. However, in rare cases, and especially with dogs with very short fur, the dog can develop a contact sore due to the rubbing of the harness. We have put together a few helpful hints to prevent harness chafing below:

Place RIGHT hand over the harness label on B strap

Sensible Dog Harness Sz small Please review website for size guide: Sensible Dog Harness Sz small. A front-clip harness is designed to reduce pulling. The leash attaches to a D-ring at the front of the chest. When the puppy attempts to pull, momentum turns her body back toward you. This provides an opportunity to reset proper walking position so you can create a chance to reward good behavior. Popular front-clip harnesses include Premier's Easy Walk, Soft Touch Concept's Sensation or Sensible harnesses, and the Walk Your Dog with Love harness.

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All dogs will look chic in this harness, hounds or not! The Furry Harness Vest Houndstooth will keep your dog bundled up without bulking up; the vest is lined with faux fur so there's no need for a coat. This sensible piece of dog fashion is equipped with a velcro strip and buckle for extra security as well as double D-rings. Because this item ships from the manufacturer, it requires a 10% restocking fee if returned.

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