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We offer starters kits with all the basic essentials to begin your journey with a new working or service dog. Our harnesses are fitted for maximum comfort and support, while providing optimum handler control. Our dog backpacks are made to fit comfortably on your dog, while giving you the means to carry essential items for your needs. The quality and design of our products is meant to provide the best in dog gear for safety and efficiency. Whether your furry companion is an emotional support dog, a working K9 officer, or a therapy or service dog for your health needs, we have all the best gear to keep you and your dog safe and secure

Feb 20, 2016 - Another frequently-utilized piece of service dog gear is the harness

Feb 14, 2016 ... While there are too many types of vests and harnesses to mention them all, there are 5 commonly utilized pieces of Service Dog gear.

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With our harnesses for dogs and service dog gear, you can finally give them everything they need. Shop our leashes and harnesses now for free shipping! Another frequently-utilized piece of service dog gear is the harness. There are several types of harnesses, but most are fashioned from leather or imitation leather with metal clasps, buckles, and rings. The rings can be used to , gentle leads, or bridge handles.

Mobility Support Harness™ for brace and balance stability assistance.

More general colors for service dog gear range from gray, to orange or even pink. Dog harnesses have a multitude of colors to choose from--even tie-dye. Whatever the color or style---professional or casual, it's the right choice for your professionally-trained and talented canine companion!

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