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You know what the online sales of vests etx do for us who have a great service dog. Saves us time , and many of us do not live where service dog items are available. Then what shall we do? So no I will not sign. Laws state dogs have one mistake in a place of business then they can be sent home for a day. If the dogs behavior keeps up it can be sent back for more training or denied access but it must be a continual distributive behavior such as jumping pulling things off shelves at stores, growling at all people, (mine is trained to keep certain people away as part of her job). I’d say I have ran into 4 people in over a yr she has kept at a distance from me. One time she had an accident, that was my fault, living in the country and having just come from her rattlesnake booster shot, we made a stop. The shots can make them ill and such. The small store totally understood when I explained. I always carry a pack with wipes, paper towels, and her water bowl. This is sad that people think we have any other ways to access what they want us to use then the internet.

Petjoy is proud to offer the largest selection of service dog vests for sale, all made right here in Ohio.

Shop the large inventory of dog supplies including dog clothing and shoes!dog vests for sale is: Reflective Service Dog Harness Vest Coat with Removable Patches for Large Dogs. patshes: Service dog ,Do not pet, Security, In Training, Therapy Dog, ...

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Petjoy is proud to offer the largest selection of service dog vests for sale, all made right here in Ohio. Service dog owners and training organizations are calling for new rules to stop the sale of fake service dog vests and badges after two war veterans were refused entry into Houston restaurants in as many weeks.

Padded Service Dog Vest - ID Badge Holder - Black and White Patches

All access. It’s a perk often too tempting for some pet owners to resist. That’s why Canine Companions for Independence has launched a petition urging federal regulators to block the online sale of fake service dog certificates, vests, leashes and other products from official-looking websites that make it easy for pet owners to cheat the system.

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