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These tennis balls designed for dogs come in a pack of two. It is made of rubber and soft tennis ball fabric both of which are very durable and ready to withstand the rough treatment they will undergo by your German Shepherd. Plus, it’s very bouncy and light which makes it the perfect ball for playing fetch.

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Legend has it that an attendant, working the graveyard shift one cold and lonely night, coaxed the (at first) shy puppy into the tollbooth offering a warm place to sleep for the night. Shep soon won the hearts of the other tollbooth attendants and would cheerfully bound out to greet each shift’s arriving workers. Turnpike motorists adopted Shep as well, often paying their toll and a little extra to help provide dog food, treats and toys.

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Looking for the best dog treats for your German Shepherd Dog or Puppy is… A striking combination of two extremely popular breeds, Gerberian Shepskies have some of the best traits from both parents, but also some that can be extremely frustrating for inexperienced owners. Their intelligence, independence and willingness to learn and please their owners can be extraordinary, but without appropriate training and socialization, these very traits can also be problematic. These clever pups are easily bored, and can become distracted easily by more interesting things around them. They’re also very discriminating when it comes to obedience (a personality quirk that derives from their Husky heritage), and need the right type of motivation to perform a task that they’ve been asked to do. Despite being independent thinkers, Gerberian Shepskies are often extremely perceptive dogs, sensitive to even slight changes in mood and body language, and since rough handling or punishment can easily cause these dogs to become aggressive or fearful, it’s best to train them using confident, yet reward-based handling.

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Because of his background as a herding dog in the mountains, the Pyr Shep has excellent endurance. If he's in good overall health, it’s unlikely that you will wear him out, so be prepared for long walks and strenuous hikes. Once you get the go-ahead for strenuous exercise from your vet, try pulling out your bicycle and attaching a device to it that will allow your dog to run alongside while you pedal. Take him to the dog park and allow plenty of time for off-leash running while you throw a flying disc or ball for him to chase (don't forget that he may not be friendly toward other dogs, so be watchful at the dog park). Train him for agility, flyball, rally, and tracking. And, of course, let him try his paw at herding.

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As drivers were paying the 25cents toll to drive on Highway 36, they would often leave treats and money for Shep “One driver one day brought a can of dog food to the toll booth and presented it to the worker and the worker said “I don’t have a can opener” and the next day the same fellow brought a can opener.”PET FOOD RECALL LIST ... RECALLED DOG FOOD & TREATS 1. A.B. Dog Chew Added: April 19, 2007 ... Shep Dog 61. Springsfield Prize Last Updated: ...