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Want to scratch your dog’s humorous side? We offer silly rubber dog toys to tickle everyone’s funny bones! This pirate is a comedy classic; or if your dog feels the need to deviate from the norm, he can chew on a or a fun interactive . And why not have your pup try a Toy on for size? It’s the perfect thing to show off your fancy fur baby’s gentlemanly charm!

Zanies Silly Squad dog toys are made of soft plush with a playful embossed paw print pattern, with a squeaker inside for added fun

The fact that dogs become bored from familiarity with toys is a sign to me of the higher intelligence which is not always credited to our canine friends. I won’t deny that dogs can do silly or ‘dumb’ things, but they really do like to learn, work and be challenged. Non-working dogs (house dogs) need just as much mental stimulation, which comes best in different kinds of toys and quality time with their owners. People that don’t train their dogs or teach them tricks are depriving their animals of a higher quality of life. A simple trip to the store to find a toy that makes Fido happy is a good start.

Take your pupster out to the ballgame with this plush peanut dog toy

We've got a great deal on silly dog toys: mustache & giant tongue from Moody Pets? HAZARDS TO ANIMALS: Your dogs safety is "Your" Responsibility. The Silly Squeaker Toys are designed to be play toys and not chew toys. No part of any toy should be ingested. Injury may result.

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Multipet Silly Sandwich Dog Toys are cute animal sandwiches that crinkle and squeak. Toss these toys around during playtime or grab them to keep your pup entertained on their own. Choose Fido's favorite since these come in various "flavors."

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