The Simply Nourish Source product line includes nine dry dog foods

Simply Nourish is a PetSmart brand of food, available instore and online. It comes in a couple of flavors: Chicken & (for both adult dogs and puppies) and Lamb and Oatmeal. The Chicken recipe seems marginally better as the Lamb recipe seems to be more Oatmeal than Lamb.

so valuable about Simply Nourish Lamb and Oatmeal Adult Recipe Dry Dog Food?

DESCRIPTION We understand pet nutrition can be confusing and choosing the right food for your pet can be overwhelming. That's why Simply Nourish Lamb & Oatmeal Recipe Adult Dog Food believes in making pet nutrition simple and und..

The Simply Nourish product line includes 15 dry dog foods

Simply Nourish, Adult Dog Food - Natural, Lamb and Oatmeal size: 30 Lb. I have an 11 yr. old Black Lab/Shepherd mix and for months her favorite food was Chef Michaels. Then I found that Chef Michaels is only a 1 star dog food and has several controversial ingredients. I felt horrible, I couldn’t believe I was feeding my dog this food and immediately started doing research on the 4 and 5 star foods and prices, availability etc. After about 2 hours of what could really be endless research, it was getting late so I finally just printed off the lists of the 4 and 5 star foods as well as the recall list and went to a pet store. After speaking with an employee at the pet store about my concerns, she highly recommended Simply Nourish. I went with Simply Nourish Lamb and Oatmeal Recipe. Since I wanted to blend both foods and make it as easy a transition as possible, I didn’t want to just chuck her old food in the bin. When I’ve transitioned foods before I would stir it up and really blend the two so it would be harder for her to notice, but yesterday I was making dinner, talking to my daughter about school and was putting all of the groceries away, so I just opened the food and poured some on top of her old food. She ended up eating all of the new Simply Nourish and left her 3/4 bowl of Chef Michaels. She didn’t touch any of it – it’s still there now into the next day. So she apparently loves it – there was also a coupon at the store that gives you 2 cans of canned food for free! So that was awesome. Thank you so much to this site for helping me make a decision and for all of the research it must take to make recommendations.

Simply Nourish™ Grain Free Large Breed Adult Dog Food ..

When mu Yellow Lab turned a year old, I transitioned him from Nutro Dry Puppy food to BB dry Puppy food. Post that 30lb bag with no issues, I transitioned him to adult chicken and brown rice. After about 1-week into the adult food, I noticed he was having soft stools which smelled more foul than previous. No other issues. I then began the transition to BB adult fish and oatmeal. This is when the serious problems began. Over the course of 2-weeks, his poops became more and more soft. I thought he had picked up a small ear infection from swimming and began to treat him for that. One week later it was coming out both ends. His poops were nothing more than brown smelly water that shot out like a cannon. He became listless and he would not eat or drink for over 36hrs. I took him to the vet hospital and they had to administer liquids because he was so dehydrated. They tested him for ear infections and parasites, all proved negative. They put him on a high fiber diet for a week and by the end of the week, he was back to his normal self. I transitioned him from the high fiber back to BB fish and immediately the soft stools began along with the foul. He is now on a mix of high fiber and Simply Nourish Lamb and Oatmeal and doing great. The best he has felt and the most energy in 6-weeks. I am now transitioning to only Simply Nourish and he seems to be doing well.
After a $350 vet bill, 8-hr stay in the dog hospital, and two bouts with serious diarrhea, I am done with Blue Buffalo.

barley and soy and found Simply Nourish Lamb and Oatmeal formula.