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WHERE DID YOU GET THIS IDEA FROM? I have always been a dog lover. I have a pup of my own named Dexter who does everything with me. Last summer, I worked at Purina and did a lot of research on the humanization of the pet industry. We treat our pups differently than in the past. They are more than just animals, they are our four-legged members of the family! I’m also single and have tried a couple of the dating apps. I find it really difficult to have meaningful conversations with people when the opening line is “Hey, how is your night?” I sort of just thought one day, what if you could connect over something a lot more interesting and important? And that’s when I came to the idea of connecting over something as important as our pups, who play such a big role in our lives.

Voof is a location-based dating app where single dog owners and lovers can find, chat and meet up with other singles in their area.

This breed of dog is gentle and quiet, perfect for the single person who studies or works from home. Plus, their commanding presence will make you feel safer (no one needs to know your dog is a total love bug!) and they will certainly draw friendly attention at the dog park or your local coffee shop.

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I think most single dog lovers have tried to use their dog to pick up someone, or at least hoped that their … BarkBox extends extra-special belly scratches to the dog lovers at who presented the wine flight for the evening. Glassful is a new subscription service for stellar wines that we truly ruv here at Bark & Co (check out pawfice pup Andi browsing the selections).

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Dog lovers interviewed by The Post said the trend has long been going on in the city, where single women with pocket pooches have been a standard for years.

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I think most single dog lovers have tried to use their dog to pick up someone, or at least hoped that their dog might spark a conversation with someone they want to date. Because let’s face it, a true dog lover has to involve their dog in the dating process. Not only are they your best friend, but if a potential partner doesn’t like your dog, it’s never going to work.You really belong at Meet Dog Lovers if: your dog is your very best friend in the entire world; or perhaps your furry, four-legged child. Also, if you're a single dog lover looking for love, chances are you've been looking in all the wrong places. Generic online dating services will have you browsing through tons of personal ads in search of that special person who shares your interest and your love of dogs. Our specific matchmaking service is unlike any of these sites. Instead, we will show you only profiles of eligible singles who themselves are passionate about dogs, whether they are simply doggy parents, have made it their life's’ work to rescue homeless dogs or have recently discovered the joy of dog ownership.But first, you have to find each other, so to increase your odds, start at a dating place where the single dog lovers dating crowd is definitely in tune with your pet lover instincts. It's a no-brainer! Having done this, you can then move forward to define the other more personal criteria you are seeking. This too will most likely be easier once you begin at the right place. I have a young chihuahua named Lolly and live in Weybridge in Surrey. I wanted to start a group to bring single people together who have a shared love of dogs and see what happens.