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On a breezy spring afternoon in Pasadena, the Dogbowl has reemerged, looking blue and shapely, enticing or pernicious depending on your point of view. Black Sabbath blares from speakers, and teenagers in '70s garb -- and men dressed as teenagers -- loll, chat, work, flirt. It's the last official day of shooting on "Lords of Dogtown," inspired by the true story of the renaissance of Southern California skateboard culture, and the set has the slightly loopy feel of a montage from a happy-go-lucky '70s film, all sunlight and breezy and slightly high.

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Tony Alva in the Dog Bowl. One of the most important pioneers of modern skateboarding. Downhill riders want his carve, street skaters want his style. He still rips today.TA spoke of his early days surfing in Venice. He talked about early skate sessions in the streets. TA moved his plate around and with a flourish of his chopsticks continued- "Well, like I told you, we would come down south. We rode La Costa, bombing hills, slaloming, riding banks and pools... anything. After the Z- boys split up, I started riding for Logan. I was heavily influenced by Torger and he rode for them so it was a natural progression that I went over to Logan Earth Ski. Besides that, Brad Logan - -the youngest of the brothers--was a friend so... I think I was 17 years old at the time. Being on Logan gave me direct exposure in the magazines as well. In 1976, the Hang Ten Championships were held at the Carlsbad Skate Park. The contest had downhill, slalom and other events. It was pretty crazy. I had been learning a great deal of freestyle moves, headstands, high jump and things. I think that these skills really helped me get competitively to another level. I won the Overall World Champion title at the contest that year. I ended up beating the heavily influential Logan brothers and Torger Johnson. Skating was really tight back then. There were only something like one hundred pros. We knew who was who!" I listened attentively then motioned for the waitress and ordered more sashimi. I watched her saunter away. Tony smiled. I asked him who he thought was really good from back then. "Oh... that's pretty easy. Jay Adams, Torger Johnson, Henry Hester, Bob Skolberg, Bobby Piercy, Stacy Peralta, Ty Page, Bruce Logan, Brian Beardsley, Chris Chaput, Mike Weed, Dennis Martinez, Doug Pineapple Saladino... You have to understand something. There were good skaters from all over California. Just remember, whatever they could do, we did better. It was how it was." I looked up from my sushi. His voice was impassioned. TA had stated this in all seriousness. It seemed an egotistical statement but given the subsequent impact TA and his friends had on the skateboarding world, I didn't feel the comment went without merit. Factual. History. Believe it. TA took a sip of green tea as the pretty waitress stopped to check on us. I sat back and stretched. A flute echoed hauntingly from a recessed speaker system as I questioned him about Gonzales pool and the Dog Bowl.