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Whether your carrier style preference is a small dog purse carrier, a trendy dog sling carrier or a chic tote bag, we have you covered. Taking your new puppy to the vet? A puppy carrier will help keep your little furry best friend secure. Headed for a night on the town? Then a cute dog carrier or a dog purse, designed to look like a woman's handbag, is a must. So grab your small dog carrier purse and your pampered puppy and enjoy your special outing.

Soft Hobo Bag Pet Dog Purse Carrier Small Toy Teacup Breeds Warm Plush Interior | eBay

CONS: Again, some reviewers find this dog carrier purse to be too small for their miniature dogs, so be sure to measure your pet to see if this item is appropriate.

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Small Open TOTE handbag Purse style Pet Dog Cat Bag -small breed /puppy Carrier You will love going on outings when you can easily take your small dog with you in a purse style tote. You will be able to run errands, visit friends, and pretty much whatever else you want to do. All the while your purse holds not only your pet, but also everything that would go into a regular purse.

Top 5 Stylish Best Dog Purses for Small Dogs in 2017

Whatever style of purse you choose for your small dog, you can be assured that they will be safe and comfortable. They will also be inconspicuous, unless you want them to be seen. While there may be more styles that come out, make sure that there is enough airflow in them, and that there is a slip inside that will ensure that your dog won’t be able to jump or even fall out. Most dog purses will have these, but just be sure.

The World's Best Pet Purses for Small Dogs You Can Actually Buy

Having a dog purse can be very handy if you want to take your dog anywhere you go. Although they are not suitable for all dog breeds, if you have a small dog, it will love it, trust me. If you are in the search for a dog purse, then look no more, here’s a list of 10 best dog purses.
Tom Clovers makes really modern purses, and this particular model is the proof for that. It is made out of PU leather and since it is breathable and lightweight, your dog will enjoy it. It is especially designed for walks and trips with your pet friend. It has zipper from left to right and easy in and out, so you can easy place your pooch in it. Pockets on the side will come handy for treats and small things.
This is very comfortable and functional purse for your pooch and you are going to be very satisfied with it. It is airline approved and easy to stow, with large pockets on the side for all essentials for your pet friend. It can be cleaned only with a damp cloth and if you are planning to go on a trip, this is the best carrier you can find for this price. It is meant to carry dogs of about 8 lbs and that means smaller dog breeds.
So let's review some pet carriers for small dogs that can serve your needs well for everyday use as well as travel and special events.

Even when you go for a ride on your motorcycle, I'll bet your dog wants to come along. You know how dogs love to feel thewind in their face. So, for dogs on bikes, the versatile carriers below can meet this need. Some are airline approved and can also be used as backpacks.

It's important to remember whenever traveling with your dog to take all safety precautions and make sure your dog is wearing his id tags, just in case he manages to slip away from you.

When you are travelling by air for a vacation or others purposes, taking your little dog with you is possible providingyou can plan ahead. There are many airlines that allow pets to travel with you in the passenger cabin area, but they limitthe number on each flight so book early to avoid disappointment.

When pets are going to be with you in the cabin, they do need to be in airline approved dog carriers, such as the onesshown below. According to the manufacturers these carriers are approved by most major airlines, but regulationscan change, so be wise and double check before your departure date.

Another option for airline travel are the "hands free" backpack carriers that make checking in a lot easier. Some of these type carriers have retractable wheels and convert into a pull along style, similar to your luggage. And, when it's time to board, regular handles make for easy carry on.

In fact, there are so many designs of pet carriers for small dogs, that you can find one for just about every purpose or occasion. For example: backpack dog carrier, motorcycle dog carriers, dog car carriers, dog carrier purses, dog bike carriers, dog travel carriers, and airline approved dog carriers. With all these options, it is easy to say "yes" when your dog wants to go along.

When it comes to taking your bicycle out on interesting trails or along beach sidewalks, most dogs seem toget a thrill out of riding along enjoying the experience and fresh air. Pet carriers that attach to the front or rear of your bicycle make it easy to bring your pet or you can pull along a trailer behind your bike.

While you can't teach your dog to ride a bicycle, most dogs will happily settle for getting a ride. Plus these dog bike carriers are easy to assemble and attach.

At another time if you are taking your dog for a hike at the park, you may want to choose an out-doorsey yet fashionable backpack dog carrier, like the Outward Hound one pictured on the left.