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Thanks, Mel, but the only credit I can really take is for combining others’ innovative ideas into one very. easy. method. hehe It really is perfect for a small dog – if CindyLu were more the size of a Yorkie or a Chi, I could have used my own sweatshirt!

Make your small dog a dog sweater out of an old sweatshirt in five minutes!

Small dogs and large dogs need clothes. Whether it is a coat to stay warm during those cold winters or to look pretty for that summer BBQ. There is a large variety of dog apparel to choose from. Find for your dog for warm summer days, for the cocktail parties and , and sweatshirts for those cool fall nights watching the stars. We also have dog for you or your dog's special day and don’t forget to keep your dog warm with a winter coats for the snowy days of winter. Poochieheaven also offers big dog clothing so that your large dog doesn't get left out. And of course, don't forget the dog accessories, who doesn’t need a hats or shoes to go with their new wardrobe!

From outerwear to accessories, ..

Pink Dog Pet Puppy Plain Sweatshirt Hoodie Shirt Jacket Coat - Extra Small (Gift for Pet). Product - Pink Hundstooth Jacket For Puppy Dog - Medium (Gift for Pet).

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