Air KONG X-Small Squeaker Tennis Ball Dog Toy 6-Pack

GoDogGo® FetchBall now comes in 2 sizes: LARGE 2.5" (standard tennis ball size) and SMALL 1.875". GoDogGo Fetch Balls are tennis balls designed specifically for the GoDogGo® G4 Fetch Machine and just for Dogs! FetchBalls are great when you

Extra small Air Kong Squeaker Tennis Balls are made the perfect size for small dogs and puppies

Auto-throws mini iFetch balls at adjustable distances of 10, 20, and 30 feet, or set it for random launches to keep your dog guessing
Healthy interactive tennis ball launcher is fun indoors or outside
Great for dog-owning seniors or people with mobility issues
Works with miniature 1.5-inch iFetch balls
Made from durable plastic and metal; iFetch balls are covered in nonabrasive felt
Includes iFetch, three 1.5" mini iFetch balls, AC adapter. Also runs on 6 C batteries (not included) for cordless operation
For use with small to medium dogs; Mini balls are a choking hazard for larger dogs
Measures 9"D x 8"H

What could your dog love more than a tennis ball

iFetch Interactive Ball Thrower for Dogs- Launches Mini Tennis Balls, Small .. If you have a larger breed dog, such as a German Shepherd, you can easily see that they can wrap their entire mouths around a tennis ball and could possibly choke. As they could with many other smaller plastic and rubber balls sold as dog toys. This typically happens when the ball gets lodged in the back of the throat where it cannot be removed by the owner.

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Don’t Play Fetch With These Objects
The choking cases that have come through my emergency practice are dogs that have either small, hard plastic balls or dense rubber SuperBall-type balls lodged in their throats. These balls cannot be compressed like a tennis ball, making them more likely to get stuck. For that reason, I absolutely discourage the use of those balls.

I would also not recommend using sticks. Sticks can puncture the esophagus or the mouth. Bits of wood from the stick can also be swallowed and cause a foreign body obstruction. Here are the most important basic safety rules for ball play:

Leaps & Bounds Small Flocked Foam Ball Toy.