Heavy Duty Dog Crates Escape Proof Standard Sizes Steel

Take heavy-duty, high-gauge metal wire, coat it in a chip-proof powder-coated finish, and add in a durable, steel-lined tray that locks securely into place, and you have this ultra-secure, folding kennel, one of the most versatile and best large dog crates available. It’s strong; it’s portable; it stores easily; and it has three convenient doors (front, back and side) with that double-latch for safety.

Heavy Duty Dog Crates Escape Proof Standard Sizes Steel

Offering incredible versatility in a soft-sided carrier, this indoor/outdoor dog crate has a record three doors, enabling front-, side- and top-entry. You’ll love the mesh cover – superior ventilation – that covers the lightweight, yet heavy-duty steel frame. Even better, this crate folds down for setup in seconds, and easily stores away into tight spaces.

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Heavy Duty Dog Crates Escape Proof Standard Sizes Steel The 50" Collapsible heavy duty dog crate, along with our standard welded steel wire  48 x 30 x 33" crate, make up our 2 best selling models. There are a number of reasons for this.

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Another consideration is your dogs' ability to get his jaws around one or two vertical tubes whether aluminum or steel. Some of the coating will be removed. Most, if not all, the coating on heavy duty dog crates both aluminum and steel is powder coating. If the powder coating on an aluminum crate is chewed or otherwise removed in spots, you are left with a silver colored metal. If the powder coating is removed in spots from a steel crate you will see the base metal for a short time then what: rust spots. Aluminum does not rust!

Heavy Duty Dog Crates | Strongest Aluminum & Steel Dog Crates

Here's Joe, a really big strong dog chillin in his heavy duty welded wire steel crate. You know this
is a dog that could destroy any crate but not so his steel dog crate from Midwest Ultima Pro Series Triple Door Dog Crate - Tough, Heavy Duty Dog Crate - Strong Professional Gauge Steel Construction! Features 3 Removable Doors - Cross Peak ProductsExperience the true definition of "real" indestructible heavy duty steel dog crates when you own one of our escape proof welded steel wire mesh crates. A 3 year manufacturer's warranty on all these steel crates is a statement that says "this crate is strong enough to hold any dog you are strong enough to put into it." The crates use 6 gauge welded steel wire mesh to create the strongest dog crate we know of. Protect your separation anxiety dog while you're away from home. When you see your new indestructible steel dog crate you will know 2 things: first that your dog will be in his or her crate when you return home and second: that this will be the last crate you will ever need to buy. It is absolutely that strong. Note:  3 year warranty applies to welded steel wire dog crates only. Heavy duty aluminum dog crates are becoming the next big thing in the indestructible dog crate marketplace. They have arrived like interplanetary spaceships invading the world of steel dog crates. I suspect there will always be a place for the heavy duty steel dog crate, however, I expect a diminishing market share as time rolls on.