Dog / pet steps - 2 step - gray.

2-step dog and cat stairs. 14″ high - for heights up to 21". Pet steps for sofas, window sills, and chairs. Quality construction and materials; made in the USA

Dog Steps by Build Basic for those that would prefer to build their own

This very easy to use dog ramp has handles and steps that lock in place for increased mobility, it can be conveniently folded and hidden when not used. The exclusive design is absolutely ideal for handicapped or older dogs with arthritis. Use it to help your loyal pooch reach beds, cars, sofas and anything else. It will last forever and do its job to a “t.”


PVC dog steps for your bed made with outdoor carpet , wood and zip ties !! 2-step dog and cat stairs. 14″ high - for heights up to 21". Pet steps for sofas, window sills, and chairs. Quality construction and materials; made in the USA

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3-step indoor cat and dog stairs. The carpeted pet steps are 19½″ tall - ideal for reaching beds up to 25"! Quality construction and materials - can hold up to 300 lbs!

these steps are fab...well done, I love them for my doggy

Training with Cindy C. Smith, CNWI and The Right Steps means you will be training with an experienced Positive Trainer and Instructor of over 20+ years, who never stops learning and keeps up to date on scientific and humane training methods! To learn more about Cindy and The Right Steps check out our page! We know training takes time, patience, consistency, and focus. Please understand there are no quick magic fixes or guarantees. Ethical trainers do not give guarantees. Each animal is a live being, training and behavior modification takes time and training.The Right Steps is referred to by Veterinarians, Pet Professionals, Pet Therapy Groups, Animal Rescue Groups, Shelters, Breeders, other Trainers, Our Clients, Friends, and Family. Check out our Our Positive Dog Training Solutions enrich relationships of families and their best friend. You may ask what we mean by "A Well Behaved Dog"? Simply put, your best friend you enjoy spending time with and living with for many many years to come.We look forward to speaking with you soon. Contact us today to get started! Some people respond to such fears by forcing the dog up and down the steps. But this approach often doesn't provide the dog with an opportunity to overcome his fear. (In addition, a fearful dog may try to nip or bite as a means of expressing "I'm terrified of steps!"Perhaps past experiences led to the dog to associate steps with something unpleasant, frightening and/or hurtful. Perhaps the dog was yelled at for going up or down a stairway, or had fallen down stairs during his formative weeks, or was pushed down steps. Or the dog recalls that steps once led to a place in which he was frightened, yelled at, or physically abused. Or the dog just never encountered steps before.When introducing your pup or dog to steps, work to gradually build her confidence. Start with just approaching the stairway. Reward her for making baby steps - any show of progress, no matter how small. Slowly introduce treats and, of course, verbal reinforcement into the training scenarios. Besides food treats, positive reinforcement tools include playing with your dog and providing a favorite toy for quick romp sessions.