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Personality: Lakeland Terriers are a lively breed and therefore do best with an active family. While they can be stubborn and independent, they are very affectionate and loving. They can be aggressive to small animals because of their hunting background and some tend to be aggressive with other dogs as well.

a playful yet patient personality and are pretty sturdy dogs despite their small size.

Weight of this small dog is 12-25 pounds, height 15-17 inches with a life of 10-14 years. Well-mannered, playful, fairly easy to train, though can be stubborn. Good with other dogs, house pets and loves people. Somewhat tolerant with kids, good watchdog.

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Ramps and Stairs 116389: Dog Stairs For Small Dogs, Lightweight Sturdy 20 Inches Tall With Washable Steps -> BUY IT NOW ONLY: $59.99 on eBay! Pomsare basically the epitome of a big dog personality in a little dog. They have aton of personality and demand attention and pampering. Even though they aresmall dogs, they are also very sturdy. Pomeranians are the type of dog thatloves to please others.

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A hunting dog who turned out to be an amazing family pet! (breed profile) are best small dogs for kids because of their complete domestication and desire to stay at home with the family. They prefer being active at home, so energetic kids with definitely have a blast with this dog breed. Also, Beagles are sturdy just as Bulldogs and they can take and even tolerate most of the damage done by kids while playing; they dog get tired too quickly. It's a very smart and friendly breed that will be an amazing home pet.

The Brussels Griffon is a lively, sturdy, small breed

Rather, they are stuffed with personality, charm, and intelligence. They are less active than most fluffy small breeddogs which make them perfect for apartment living. But that plush coat does require some work,so purchase a few good brushes, and get to work.Perhaps one of the most popular fluffy dogs, the Shih Tzuprovides their owner with the fluffy cute look but does not stop there. Personality plus! These dogs are sweet, devoted, playful, andsturdy. These fluffy small breed dogs will warm your lap as they stare into your soul with their large round eyes.
Another small breed with a sturdy build and a big heart is the beagle. They are fun loving dogs that crave attention from everyone. More than happy to play endlessly with children, they rarely tire and are just as good with toddlers as teens. As you can imagine, this means they require a lot of exercise when not romping with the kids. If your family isn’t too active, and you don’t have a large yard where they can expend their boundless energy, a beagle might not be a great fit for you.15
Weight 19-28 pounds, height 11-13 inches, life 9-11 years., This dog is a bit large but is still one of the small breed dogs. A clown, best friend and lapdog. Can be stubborn and hard to train. Playful and affectionate but NOT for kids, house pets or strangers. Sort of a watchdog.