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Doggles newest entry into eye-wear for dogs, are sunglasses, as opposed to goggles. They have a special nose bridge for dogs that accommodates the wideness of a dog's muzzle. The Doggle sunglasses come in three sizes, in copper, pink and silver, and you can buy your own pair to match your canine's Optix.

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Good quality polarized dog or cat sunglasses that reduce glare can make it more comfortable for your pet to enjoy the outdoors. Sunglasses can also help reduce diseases and eye injuries especially in dogs that enjoy boating, hiking, 4-wheeling or just sticking their heads out the window.

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Shop - Doggles On-line. Sunglasses for Dogs! Make great Dog Motorcycle Goggles too, on Sale Now! Doggles were invented by Roni Di Lullo after she noticed her dog, Midknight, squinting in the sunlight. Experiments were made with human sunglasses and sports goggles before a pair was developed to fit the shape of a dog's head. They are now produced by the Doggles Company in Diamond Springs, California.

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For a resistant dog, try walking him around for a bit so he can get his mind off the sunglasses. Do this routine several times. The number of times it will take for the dog to get used to them will solely depend on the dog's personality. If the dog is participating in something it enjoys, it may be more apt to wear them. When placing the sunglasses onto the dog, the strap needs to be snug enough so that they will not fall off, but loose enough that they will not pull the dog's fur. The dog's health and comfort are the number one priority with sunglasses.

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Do you want your dog to own one of the 10 best dog sunglasses? Dog sunglasses look fashionable and can keep your precious dog’s eyes safe. From our dog sunglasses reviews we find that these are useful for dogs. Read on to find out about some amazing sunglasses that dogs can wear and look cool.

Make your dog look cool and also be protected from eye diseases with these stylish dog sunglasses. They have an amazing flexible rubber frame. To make them comfortable they have head as well as chin straps that are soft elastic ones which are adjustable. There is a nose bridge that is flexible. These sunglasses will provide your dog with 100% UV protection. The lenses are shatterproof ones. You will see that the frames of these glasses are made to fit on a dog’s face. These dog sunglasses are extremely fragile on dogs that are large dogs.

These dog sunglasses have a black frame and also have smoke lens. The lens are polycarbonate lens which are shatterproof. These glasses are able to protect your dog’s eyes from the sun’s rays. Your dog will look cool wearing them and they will also protect your dog’s eyes by keeping them safe from wind, debris, as well as other things. These dog sunglasses come in small, medium and also large sizes. To make your dog feel comfortable whilst wearing these sunglasses, there are two handy adjustable elastic straps, there is also rubber wrap that is present around the frames. You need to measure your dog carefully to get the correct size. The complaint from these glasses is that they fog easily.

This brand of sunglasses is available in different colors, i.e. blue, black, pink, red, white and yellow. You can buy the color that will look cool on your dog. Your dog will get UV protection with these sunglasses. They will therefore keep your dog’s eyes healthy. These sunglasses are perfect for dogs that are above 6KGs. They have an adjustable double strap that allows them to fit comfortably. They have a broader nose bridge and also strong frames. These sunglasses are made from plastic. These dog sunglasses will protect your dog’s eyes from wind, water as well as debris.