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SUV Crates are a great solution if you travel frequently, need to carry more than one dog, and have a vehicle with the space to fit. With the door on each end, they offer great flexibility in how your dog enters the crate, either from inside the vehicle, or from the tailgate end. The crates fold for storage, or transportation, and have a specially designed narrow width to fit side-by-side in the back of most SUVs and wagons.

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The is a family-friendly station wagon with great safety credentials, making it a great option for everyone who needs a ride. Volvo offers an appealing mix of luxury and practicality, and it’s as good a choice for pets as any SUV would be. Seven passengers can sit across three rows. The rear cargo area is big enough for carriers and crates, and the vehicle’s car-like ride height means it’s easy for a dog to climb in and out. A fuel-efficient four-cylinder engine, boosted by both a turbocharger and supercharger, powers the base model, but a hybrid version of the XC90 is available, too.

Dog Cages | Dog Crates | TransK9USA | SUV Crates

Size:36-Inch Double door folding metal dog crate designed to fit SUVs, vans and other vehicles. This For pets 41-70 lbs. One of most portable and affordable dog crates available in the market today. This was designed specifically to fit side-by-side in SUV and van rear compartments.

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For pets 41-70 lbs. One of most portable and affordable dog crates available in the market today. This was designed specifically to fit side-by-side in SUV and van rear compartments.

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Midwest Side-by-Side Double Door SUV Dog Crate with Plastic Pan - A Dog Crate that is Designed Specifically to Fit SUV or Van Cargo Areas - More Narrow than Standard Crates, Giving you Ample Space for a Crate & Storage or for 2 Crates Side-by-Side if You Have 2 Dogs - Front & Rear Doors - Great for Transporting Dogs! - Cross Peak ProductsSoft-sided crates are also called tent crates, or pop-up crates. These crates are very light, come with a free tote bag and transport very easily. They also can accommodate a standard sized crate pan. Suitable for indoor, outdoor and SUV use, these crates are super versatile. They are not designed for dogs that tend to chew their crates.SUV Crates are double door crates and feature a door on each end of the crate. This is different from other Midwest two-door crates, because they normally have a door on one end and a door on one side. They come in two sizes, one for dogs 30 - 70lbs, and the other for dogs 71 - 90lbs. Overall, the RAV4 stands out among other small to mid-size SUVs on almost all counts, especially interior dimensions and fuel efficiency. It’s a great vehicle for people with multiple medium-sized dogs and can accommodate larger crates than one might expect, all while providing some unique and much appreciated features. Like many others, my dogs ride in the back of my SUV, secure in their crates. I've always been under the impression that my pups were safe in their plastic kennels, although after being rear ended, I wondered if the cargo area of my car wasn't the best place for the dogs. I've since moved one crate to the back seat, but unless I buy a bigger car, I don't have the option of moving all my dogs out of the cargo area.Those crates have become more than a comfortable way of getting pup from the kennel to the field. They’re customized to snuggly fit in the back of your SUV or truck, equipped with slide-out boxes for training and hunting necessities. Dog houses are literally that nowadays—mini homes for our valued and beloved canine athletes.