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Tags are the primary means of identification for dogs. They should be fitted on a non-slip collar and should be worn at
all times, especially when your dog is unsupervised. Tags come in many sizes, shapes, colors and styles. They may be
slip-on (with slots to slip the collar through), riveted on, or clipped on with an O-ring or an S-clip. Slip on or riveted
tags do not dangle, will not get caught on things, and do not jangle and so are preferred by some people. O-rings are
occasionally mistaken for collar rings by well-meaning people, and will tear free if a leash is attached to them and the
dog pulls. This is, however, a safety feature – if the tag gets hung up on something, it will come free. Of course, this
leaves your dog with out identification. S-clips are less likely to come free, and probably won’t break if they get caught
on something, though tags themselves (especially plastic ones) may break off of the clip.

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Slip collars: May be made of nylon rope, nylon strap, chain, or leather. These collars constrict and can constrict
infinitely. They apply pressure to the throat and can constrict the blood vessels in the neck. There is danger of
permanent damage to the throat or to the eyes due to constriction of the throat and jugular veins when these collars are
used. A dog may be killed by hanging with one of these collars. Tags should never be attached to a slip collar, and slip
collars should never be left on a dog who is unsupervised. Slip collars should never be used for tethering. If a slip
collar is used, the collar should be just large enough that when the slack is taken up from the collar on the dog’s neck,
there is 2-3 inches between the rings. Slip collars are not safe for use with retractable leads.

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ears, and a strap across the dog’s nose. There are several variations, including the Gentle Leader and the Halti. There is
no risk of strangulation using a halter, and some halters (Gentle Leader) may be left on the dog while it is unsupervised.
All halters should be removed at night. Halters should never be used for tethering, and may be inappropriate for some
dogs. There may be some risk of injury to the dog’s neck if the dog slams into the end of the leash while wearing a
halter. Tags should not be put on a halter. The collar-like strap that goes behind the ears should, on most halters, fit
snugly enough to prevent the strap from coming off over the ears, but refer to sizing instructions for the particular brand
of halter to determine correct fit. Not for use with retractable leads. Not for tethering.

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Prong collars (pinch collars): Consist of a series of interlocking metal links with blunt prongs that face the dog’s neck
and rest against the skin. These collars have a limit to how far they can constrict and have no risk of strangulation. The
blunt prongs actually protect the throat and blood vessels in the neck by allowing these structures to slip between the
prongs without being constricted. These collars should never be left on an unsupervised dog or used for tethering. The
strength and frequency of corrections may be reduced up to 80% by using a prong collar instead of a slip collar. These
collars are not to be confused with slip-type collars that have pointed nail-like prongs embedded in leather or nylon.
Tags should not be put on a prong collar. Prong collars should be fitted so that each prong rests gently against the skin of
the neck at all times. You should have to take the collar apart to put it on or take it off – a prong collar should NEVER
be loose enough to slide over a dog’s head. Quick release models are available, and make “dressing” large dogs easier.
Not for use with retractable leads. Not safe for tethering.

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